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Jack is Oggy's cousin, a main character and the deuteragonist of the series.

Character data

  • Hair Color: Olive Green
  • Fur Color: Olive Green
  • Eye Color: Black (sometimes yellow)
  • Nose Color: Red
  • Tummy Color: Peach
  • Birthplace: New Hollandia


He is an olive green cat with a red nose and pointed ears and a big head. He is a tiny cat together with Oggy in the episode Inside Out. Jack has different ideas from Oggy.


Jack is an aggressive, Focused, Short tempered, sometimes lazy, obnoxious, mechanic and is always focused on killing the cockroaches or doing something selfish. Jack often builds something to try and destroy the cockroaches or any other insect that roams his or oggys house, though this often backfires. He also sometimes bullies Oggy ither moving him when hes infront of the tv, Trying to beat oggy in a race or just plain going insane. He is perhaps the easiest target in the show, Mainly because his rage gets him too infocused on ither killing the cockroaches. Even though he might be ALITTLE insane, he's mainly there to pick up oggy's pieces or bust him out of trouble.




  • Jack will get seasick if he goes on a cruise ship, as shown in Mayday! Mayday!.
  • Jack is known to have aerophobia in The Lighthouse Keeper.
  • While Jack gets older in the alternate future, his strength and speed are weakened.
  • Jack is shown to be afraid of monsters in Monsters from the mud lagoon

Official descriptions


Jack is a real time bomb on four paws. He is naturally aggressive and totally impulsive. He has decided to turn Oggy, his pampered, comfy, bourgeois cousin, into a cat, a real cat! Jack is the ideal witness to all of the horrors that the roaches inflict on Oggy. And he is always there to pick up his cousin's pieces.

Cartoon Network

One thing you can say about Jack, he's not given over to self-doubt. As keyed up as an over-wound alarm clock, Jack is quick to take affront. What's more, he suffers from abnormally high blood pressure. In other words, he could explode at any moment.

Disney Channel Asia

Other cat in the show. He is Oggy's cousin and a complete opposite of Oggy; Jack is short-tempered, violent, arrogant - a perfect target for the roaches to annoy. He often finds himself building huge machinery such as roach-catching contraptions, most of the time resulting in backfiring. He is also very interested in chemistry. Jack is Oggy's very close friend and neighbour.


Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee

He is very determined to destroy the cockroaches. He is an easy target for roaches because of his personality. He seems to have very little sympathy or even patience. He doesn't seem to like Oggy and the cockroahes getting along, sometimes he even goes crazy like in The Dictator.


He and Oggy are cousins, and they often work together to catch Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee. Jack even tries to save Oggy in many episodes.


Jack meets Olivia in some episodes.


Bob is an enemy of Jack and Oggy. Whenever they mess with him, Bob usually punches them until he gets satisfied. In Olivia, they are friends for an unknown reason, probably to interrupt between Oggy and Olivia's friendship. They haven't succeeded on this mission so they may become enemies again in the next season.


Jack meets Monica when she comes home, found in Go For It, Jack!. In Don't Rock The Cradle, Jack and Monica have a baby, which suggests that they are married. Oggy then needs to take care of the baby.

Family Members

  • Monica (Cousin/Love-Interest)


  • Jack actually used to live with oggy until he got a house right next to him. he visits Oggy using his Jumbo Jeep or a bus from unknown trips for some reason.


Artwork by his fans


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