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Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 54
Title Homebreaker
Written by François Rosso
Storyboarded by François Rosso
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Homebreaker is the 54th episode of Season 2 and the 132nd episode overall.


After his home gets blown up all the way down to ruins, Bob moves into Oggy's house for a stay while his house is being rebuilt. Just how would Oggy and the cockroaches react with this situation? Only time will tell.


Joey shoots a missile, Oggy dodges it and soon it flies into Bob's house, destroying it. Bob notices, and then spits out a piece of junk, and then goes to Oggy's house. Oggy sees this event, and Bob then puts "BOB" in the doorbell in place of "Oggy", while a big brick on his head tumbles down. Oggy and the cockroaches then stare at Bob and his new moving.

Oggy, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky then stare at:

  • Bob sitting, and he reads a newspaper.
  • Bob taking a bath. Only Oggy is shown here.
  • Bob cutting his nails.
  • Bob relaxing in the light, while drinking.
  • Bob vaccuming dust. He tries to get Oggy out by moving the vaccum cleaner close to him, trice, and the third time, Oggy is on the cleaner.
  • Bob reading a book. He squeezes Oggy with his finger.





  • There are 2 deleted scenes in this episode. The scene where Oggy and the cockroaches are staring at Bob putting a picture that reads "HOME SWEET HOME" was cut, and the rest of the events before the fadeout to the next scene. The second deleted scene is when Bob is reading a book, while Oggy and the cockroaches are noticing, and squeezes Oggy with his finger.


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