Hoard is a nephew to Jack as seen in Jack's Nephew. He is immature.


Character data

  • Fur Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown or Aurburn




Hoard is toddler.He always loved crisps,fatty foods or everything.He likes to spend his time lying on a bed and listen to music on his phone.He has a brown(Aurburn Hair)that could be possibly his emotions. He hates healthy foods when Oggy wants to feed him some healthy cereals.When no food,Hoard cries like a baby. He rarely gets his attention on everybody else.He becomes friends with Joey and shares a slice of pizza with him and also lets him listen to music with him and also Joey gives him the cereal he likes.


  • Like Olivia, he doesn't let anyone hurt the cockroaches (although the cockroaches are the only insects he likes).
  • He has a favorite cereal and will go crazy if they get finished or there aren't any.
  • He is 3 years old and he is a crybaby
  • He pees in his bed and not in the toilet.

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