High Flyers is the 21th episode from Season 2, and was remade as the thirty-sixth episode for Season 6 under the title Flying Lesson. Dee Dee and Joey have decided they want to fly and Marky is the test subject in a number of very unsuccessful attempts.


Oggy was watching TV and the Cockroaches were watching TV too. A baby bird was in the TV and they were laughing, but the baby bird is so scared about flying, the mother kicks him but he was flying. The two cockroaches were copying it flying, and Joey shouts them how to fly. Oggy sees a fish. At the next scene they were at the tree, with Joey being the test subject. He jumps but he cannot fly, so he later uses Dee Dee and Marky as the test subject. The two laugh at him but he dosn't like flying he goes back to Dee Dee. Joey use sticks to Dee Dee and Marky, and Joey and Marky use the small one while Dee Dee picks the big one, and Joey uses the big stick.