Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 41
Grease Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
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A Streetcar on the Loose
Farmer for a Day

Grease-Monkey Oggy is the 41st episode of S4 and the 236th episode overall.


Jack has turned Oggy’s garage into car mechanic’s garage. Bob is their first customer. His car needs fixing. And Oggy-the-grease-monkey is on duty. Problem: he doesn’t know the first thing about car mechanics. The roaches decide to get involved…


Oggy is sitting in his garden, reading a magazine of Modern Cars(which he of course doesn't have). That's when Jack comes, closes Oggy's eyes and gives him a surprise. What Jack explains is that he has opened a garage. He shows that he has a load full of tools(which he calls "Latest Equipments") and has an air pump and a petrol pump. However, Oggy doesn't understand anything and thinks Jack has lost it. His brother assures him that everything is kind of "OK" That's when a Modern Car(one of Oggy's magazine's) comes to their house. And it is revealed to be Bob's. And now what is going to happen, anybody can tell. Jack tries to give him a warm welcome by bowing and calling him. However it becomes a Cool Welcome, after Bob steps on Jack. He says that the engine is very noisy and wants it to get repaired. Jack steps in checks the gear. It was really noisy. Jack came out and confidently said that the car will be repaired in 2 hours. Bob shines his goggles and gets lost. Jack sat in the car and began loading it into the garage. The Roaches were checking the Wheel-stands of the garage. Marky tapped it with it's wrist saying it's hard, paid very neatly. That's when the car comes, and sandwiches them. Oggy tries to adjust the car properly and tells his brother to go front,back,front,back, totally squishing up the poor gang. When the car got adjusted, Oggy tried to "Mind his own Restness" Jack stopped him, gave him "Mechanic"'s clothing and told him to do work, and said the car should get ready in 1 and a half hour. Oggy tried to argue but Jack was already asleep. Oggy set on work, while the cockroaches managed to get themselves out of the mess.






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