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Episode Information
Season 3, Episode 19
Golden Eggs Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by François Reczulski
Episode Guide
The World Underneath


While doing laundry, Oggy discovers a chicken that can lay eggs... but not just any normal egg - golden ones. When Joey learns of this, he tries to get one of her eggs too for profits.





  • When Oggy fails in flinging the chicken off the clothesline, its beak briefly turns red.
  • Right before he explains to the others what golden eggs will do for them, Joey is in Dee Dee's colors.
  • While Joey is laughing right before the glove falls off, his eyes switch colors.
  • When the glove falls off, Joey's head is miscolored.
  • After Joey landed to the golden egg, his eyes switches colors again.


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