This is the list of episodes of Oggy and the Cockroaches, from Season 1 up to Season 8.

Season 1

# Title Overview Written by Winning Characters: Oggy, Jack, Bob, or the Cockroaches (Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee)
Secret Pilot Discover the VERY FIRST episode of Oggy and the cockroaches! No Written By In Secret Episode Oggy and Cockroaches
1 2 3 Bitter Chocolate Oggy gets a box of deluxe- chocolate delivered to his house and gets inside to enjoy it, but the cockroaches (quite obviously) have decided to take it all for themselves, but Oggy won't easily give up the chocolates without a fight. Jim Gomez Cockroaches
French Fries After making some French fries, Oggy intends on having a well-deserved snack... that is, if he can take them back from the cockroaches first. René-Louis Sauger Dee Dee (somewhat)
Mission Oggy After getting himself trapped in a drink bottle, cockroach Dee Dee is kidnapped by Oggy and locked up in the fridge. Upon seeing this, Marky and Joey attempt to get past Oggy's newly installed defense system and save their fellow roach by all means, at all costs. Serge Thiriet Oggy
4 5 6 It's All Under Control The cockroaches decide to jump into Jack's head, take over his brain and control him to wreak havoc all around the place - including Oggy, if necessary. For them, this is going to be easier said than done... Olivier Jean-Marie Oggy
It's Been a Hard Day's Noise Oggy wants to listen to his music CD in peace, but the cockroaches decide to pump up the volume into and beyond acceptable limits. Philippe Pierre-Adolphe Cockroaches
The Patient Jack ends up frozen in a block of ice while chasing the cockroaches, so Oggy nurses him. The cockroaches have plans to change Jack's medicine for a concoction of their own. Olivier Jean-Marie Oggy
7 8 9 Shake Oggy Shake Oggy and Jack are washing clothes and dishes for chores but, for obvious reasons, the cockroaches crank Oggy's coffee up QUITE a notch as to make Oggy do everything very fast. Michel Gaudelette Cockroaches
The Rise and the Fall Jack is building a skyscraper, and Oggy experiences a complete acrophobia until Jack helps to get him to sleep. But the problems are just getting started. Oggy is sleepwalking, and to make matters worse, the cockroaches are around to sabotage the skyscraper at all costs.. Olivier Jean-Marie Oggy and Jack
It's a Small World Using a photocopier, Oggy shrinks himself down to the cockroaches' size in order to infiltrate their home and take back the key to his padlocked fridge. Both (mainly Cockroaches)
10 11 12 Happy Birthday The good news: Oggy is having a birthday party, and Jack's invited (he stacks champagne glasses for the party). The bad news: The cockroaches are not invited, but come to the party and are now up to no good again, as usual. Even worse: Oggy develops suicidal tendencies following an unintentional accident involving Jack's champagne glass pyramid, forcing Jack to try and protect him for as long as he can, even if it means taking the lumps himself. Michel Gaudelette Cockroaches
Metamorphosis After consuming a piece of irradiated chocolate (obviously placed in the box by the cockroaches), Oggy transmutates into a cockroach himself! How will Jack react to this? Cockroaches
Jealousy Oggy invites his date over to his house for dinner. However, he starts to get jealous when cockroach Marky falls in love with her. And soon, this jealousy will escalate a war... Cockroaches (mainly Marky)
13 14 15 The Wrong Side of the Bed Superstitious Oggy finds out that today is Friday the 13th, and starts having a fear of bad luck, and as always, the cockroaches are willing to take full advantage of his dilemma. Thierry Benenati Neither
Go Slow With Your Dough Jack has to pay a debt, so he brings into Oggy's house a suitcase full of money for Oggy to look after it, and Oggy becomes paranoid knowing that all that money is in his house, especially when the cockroaches take matters into their hands. Jack (somewhat) and the Cockroaches
Tooth Good to be True After witnessing Oggy receive money from the tooth fairy, Joey plans on getting some himself. He is unwilling to give this up, even if this means losing all of his teeth in the process. Oggy and Joey
16 17 18 One Track Life While Jack is hooked on video games, Oggy tries to pass the time by playing with a train set. However, when the cockroaches come aboard, he soon becomes part of their roller coaster. Olivier-Jean Marie Oggy and Jack
Mouseagator After seeing Oggy's new remote-controlled lawnmower, the cockroaches forge their own cat-killer machine that looks like a mouse, but acts like an alligator. Oggy
Nine Months and Counting The cockroaches' latest prank on Oggy has them inflating his belly, making him think that he's pregnant. However, he'll soon find out that only girls can have babies, and not boys... Oggy
19 20 21 A Tip for the Road Oggy, in order to get his driver's license, takes driving lessons with the driving instructor. The cockroaches, of course, try their best to shift the chaos into turbo. Nicolas Gallet Oggy
The Outsider A mouse makes his way into Oggy's household, taking whatever he wants, namely food and shelter. Oggy has a fear of mice and even the cockroaches aren't getting on well with this uninvited guest. Jack
Baby Doll Oggy is playing with his doll and its included playhouse. The cockroaches, however, have taken the playhouse for themselves and when Marky spots the doll, he falls in love with it. This results in Oggy making an all-out siege on the playhouse to take back what's rightfully his. Oggy
22 23 24 So Lonely Oggy finally manages to remove the cockroaches out of his home permanently, but gradually regrets doing so, as he starts to miss them, leading to a severe tantrum. Paul Nougha Neither
Oggy and the Giant Roaches Oggy believes he's seeing things big, really big, after the cockroaches implant binocular lenses into his eyes. Cockroaches
Oggy and the Babies Just as he's about to kill them, Oggy pleads with and convinces Jack to instead throw the roaches out. Later, three abandoned kittens are found on their doorstep. Jack is suspicious of these bundles of joy... All
25 26 27 A Dog Day Afternoon Oggy arrives at home after shopping and trips over a small pup. He takes it inside and start pinching his own nose as a squeezing toy to play with the pup. When Jack arrives in the house, he, along with the cockroaches, begin to think that Oggy has gone crazy as Jack and the pup are not seen simultaneously. Olivier

Jean -Marie

Oggy and Jack
Fishing Frolic Jack takes Oggy on a fishing trip, with neither of them knowing that cockroach Dee Dee has come along with them. While Jack keeps a large, amorous fish at bay, Oggy is learning how to fish, whereas Dee Dee is eating all of the bait. All (mainly Dee Dee)
Rock 'n Roll Altitude Oggy has aviophobia (the fear of flying or the fear of being on an airplane), and while taking him on a flight, Jack tries hypnosis to help him relax. However, while a relaxed Oggy has gone walkabout around the plane, the cockroaches have come aboard as well, in which they leave all of the pilots tied up and gagged in order for them to cause the usual sabotage. Cockroaches
28 29 30 It's a Long Way Down While Jack takes up mountain climbing, Oggy intends on reading a good book from his library, only to end up getting stranded in some very high book shelves by the cockroaches, while Jack is having problems of his own at the mountain. Looks like it's going to be a really long way down for both of our feline friends... Olivier

Jean -


All (except Jack)
Oggy's Night Out Oggy and Jack have a meal out at a fancy restaurant. Things take an unexpected bad turn, as the cockroaches are stealing their orders and Jack can't wait any longer to tuck in. All
Oggy's Diet Overweight Oggy decides to keep fit, much to the dismay of the cockroaches. What can they do to this situation? By performing the usual sabotages to make sure Oggy stays the way he is. Cockroaches (except Dee Dee)
31 32 33 The Time Machine Poor Oggy, as usual, gets in an accident involving Jack against the cockroaches in retaliation of his cake being eaten, ending up being squashed into a disk. To make sure he'll never repeat that mistake twice, Jack builds a time machine to go back in time and prevent the accident. For him, turning forward - and back - the clock may yield unwanted results. Michel Gaudelette Jack
Occupied Oggy desperately needs to use the bathroom, but the cockroaches have it occupied and do all they can to keep him out of it. Cockroaches
House for Rent

(Maison à Louer)

The cockroaches rent Oggy's house to a redneck who kicks Oggy out. In trying to get his house back, Oggy finally rents it out to a wrestler who is even bigger, or worse. Neither
34 35 36 The Lottery Ticket

(Le Ticket de Loto)

Oggy and Jack have the winning lottery ticket number for a massive sum of money, that is, until Dee Dee gets a hold of it.

Michel Gaudelette <br>

Manu Larcenet

The Bait Bites Back

(L'Âppat se Rebiffe)

Oggy and Jack are going fishing but Oggy tries to catch the cockroaches as baits - and these baits sure can bite back! Neither
Globulopolis Dee Dee is just swimming on Oggy's yogurt, when, unknown to him, Oggy drinks it up, and Dee Dee along with it. Dee Dee then travels around Oggy's insides and decides to give Oggy the mother of all indigestions. Oggy and Jack
37 38 39 Space Roaches

(Les Cafards de l'Espace)

Three alien cockroaches from another planet (obviously resembling Dee Dee, Marky and Joey) visit Oggy's household. They constantly shape-shift Oggy and Jack into different objects and share good moments with the regular cockroaches. John Loy Joey
Deep End

(Le Caillou qui voulait Nager)

Taking a simple bath soon escalates into a desperate struggle for Oggy when the cockroaches deflates his floating ring, especially when our blue feline can't swim and has a severe case of hydrophobia. Can Jack help him overcome this seaborne problem, or will the cockroaches make it more frightening for Oggy in the depths? All (Except Jack)
The Hiccup

(Aux Secousses!)

What started out as a sip from a simple cup of coffee turns into intensely strong hiccups for Oggy, and while attempting to steal his fridge, the cockroaches get involved with his situation. Cockroaches
40 41 42 Toy's R Oggy


Oggy has found a lot of new toys for him to play with during Christmas Eve, but when an extended boxing glove punched Jack, his brain was knocked out of him and the cockroaches use it as a toy - and an initiative to make the holiday matters for Oggy worse. Michel Gaudelette Oggy and Jack
Granny's Day

(Mamie Jubile)

Oggy's granny comes to visit. It's her birthday and what she wants are three dead cockroaches. However, after Oggy's granny catches both Marky and Joey, she sees Dee Dee being sad after this situation. How will Oggy's granny react to this? Oggy and the Cockroaches
Oggy Goes Snailing

(Coquilles en Stock)

Oggy found a poor snail and kept it as a pet and bought a lot of snails he enjoy. However, he is about to be in for one slippery ride... Oggy and the Cockroaches
43 44 45 Cat Kit

(Kit en Tas)

Jack arrives with a put-it-together-yourself roach-catching trap. When he tries to get some silence to work, the cockroaches try their best in causing as much noise as possible. This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done. Paul Nougha Cockroaches


Oggy gets a video camera in the mail and attempts to film the cockroaches' final demise. However, just as he could get to watching the end of it, the roaches decide to get their grand rampage by stealing his tape and recording him in the most humiliating way possible. Cockroaches
The Dictator

(Le Dictateur)

While helping to catch the cockroaches, Jack starts acting like a ruthless, superior-minded dictator to Oggy, reducing him to a downtrodden proletariat - an action he will live and come to regret, as that will evolve into a struggle between control and freedom, which also results with the cockroaches help Oggy in this problem. A conflict starts, and Oggy needs to take revenge on Jack for taking over his house. Oggy and the Cockroaches
46 47 48 Oggy vs. Super Roach

(Super Cafard)

While repairing the roaches' TV one stormy night, Dee Dee is struck by lightning, which gives him super strength. However, Dee Dee lets this get to his head, causing him to be a villain toward Oggy and even his fellow roaches, Marky and Joey. Jean-Louis Capron Oggy


The cockroaches fight Oggy over getting a sun tan. Their main scheme this time has them in a tire-made hot-air balloon under the guise of a rain cloud. Bob
Memory Lane

(Souvenirs, Souvenirs)

Oggy finds some old love letters from a girl he used to go to school with. However, the cockroaches play a more rotten than usual prank, which involves faking a date and replacing Oggy's deodorant with his home-made insect repellent that stinks so badly. Cockroaches
49 50 51 The Carnival's in Town

(Tremblez Manèges)

The carnival has come to town, and Oggy and Jack are more than happy to go to it. The cockroaches also decide to go the carnival, just to have massive fun wreaking havoc all over the place... Olivier

Jean- Marie

Beware of Destruction

(Attention Travaux)

Jack is renovating Oggy's house, and when the cockroaches steal his cement tray to use it as a swimming pool, Jack ends up as a statue when the cockroaches put cement in his drink. Worse yet, they are about to take full advantage of his severe disadvantage. Oggy
Oggy and the Magic Flute

(C'est pas du Pipeau)

After seeing a snake charmer on TV, Oggy decides to make his own flute, in which he steals a car part from his neighbour Bob. Upon adding holes to it, Oggy plays it and unwittingly hypnotises cockroach Marky into being a dog that would remain loyal to him, much to the dismay of cockroaches Dee Dee and Joey. Oggy and the Cockroaches
52 53 54 A Bird of Ill Omen

(Chasse Toujours, Tu M'Intéresses)

Oggy is minding his own business, watering his flowers when a turkey comes running and hides behind his back. Shortly after, a visually impaired hunter appears from the hedge. The hunter has a problem, and so is for Oggy: because of his poor eyesight, turkeys looks like Oggy to him and Oggy looks vice-versa. Nicolas Gallet All (mainly Oggy)
Duck Soup

(La Révolte des Canards)

Oggy and Jack were making and preparing duck soup for their dinner, with the main ingredient being the duck itself, until a lot of its angry, protesting friends show up. Oggy and the Cockroaches
Winner Takes All

(Qui Perd Gagne)

Conflict begins between Oggy and Jack after cockroach Joey sabotages a game of chess just by stealing one of the pieces. Oggy and Jack
55 56 57 The Ghost Hunter

(Oggy Contre les Fantômes)

After Oggy finishes them off once and for all with a frying pan, the cockroaches come back as ghosts and constantly make nightmares a reality for poor old Oggy. Will Oggy be able to put down this paranormal paranoia he has created, and how will he do it - or is it all over for his sanity? Olivier



(Balle au But)

Oggy gets his hands on a new, super bouncing-ball. He decides to try it out and it soon bounces all over the house, wrecking everything in its path. And things don't get any better when Joey accidentally swallows it. Neither
Happy Campers

(Les Joies du Plein Air)

Oggy and Jack go camping, and after a number of mishaps, starting with Dee Dee eating a plant that causes hallucinations to the user, they upset a wild boar who follows them home.(NOTE: Joey and Mary do not appear in this episode) Dee Dee
58 59 60 The Piggy Bank

(La Tirelire)

Oggy puts a solid padlock on the fridge to stop the cockroaches' pesky behaviour and puts the key in his piggy bank, but when he's hungry, it seems like the piggy bank is unbreakable. Oggy must try to get the key but it take some way... Cockroaches 
Oggy's Clone

(Le Clône d'Oggy)

The cockroaches play a hit-and-run prank where they frame Oggy by dressing up as him and attacking Jack. Oggy and Jack
A Truce for Christmas

(La Trêve de Noël)

The cockroaches are planning on ruining Oggy's Christmas, but after they are thrown outside, Oggy makes a truce between them. Meanwhile, Jack must survive a huge snow storm to get to Oggy's house for Christmas. Oggy
61 62 63 TV Obsession

(Complètement Accro)

Oggy is hooked onto his favourite TV program. However, this doesn't stop the cockroaches from having fun, by locking his TV in a safe. Michel Gaudelette Oggy and the Cockroaches
Race to the Finish

(Â Tout Berzingue)

Jack bought Oggy a remote control car and they want to race with them, but then the cars are now annoyances and chasing - and chased by - the cockroaches to run them all over. Oggy and Jack
Monster from the Mud Lagoon

(La Nuit du Grime)

Oggy watched a scary movie about a Monster from the Mud lagoon while Jack tripped over a mud and Oggy believed Jack is really the monster. The cockroaches try all what they have in their sleeves to intensify Oggy's fear of Jack.

All (somewhat on Oggy and Jack)

64 65 66 The Garden of Horrors

(Le Jardin des Supplices)

Oggy was just minding his business, gardening the grass while the cockroaches made it worse by making them bigger. Nicolas Gallet Oggy
Caught in a Trap

(Pris au Piège)

Oggy wakes up and finds his house completely messed up. The cockroaches have yet again plundered his fridge and caused a mess which makes Oggy's eyes pop out of his head, literally. He is now forced to do the best he can to protect the fridge. Oggy
Blue Sunday

(Tout le Charme d'un Week-end)

Jack takes Oggy on a Sunday trip with the beach as the destination. The cockroaches decide to tag along. But trouble is always around the corner when the cockroaches are placed in a small space (Jack's car in this case) together with the two cats. Oggy and the Cockroaches
67 68 69 Cloning Around

(La Multiplication des Cancrelats)

Jack is tired of the weak, useless toxins in the insecticide, so he decides to enhance it by using his new chemistry set. The result is... a gas that has the ability to clone the subject it was used on. Jean-Louis Capron Oggy and Jack
3 Wishes and You're Out

(Les Trois Vœux)

A bedouin, who is lost and parched in as desert, finds a magic lamp. He uses his three wishes to get a palace, a pile of gold and lovely girls - but he forgets to wish for water. The genie flees after being attacked by the infuriated bedouin and of course, ends up in Oggy's house. Now Jack uses the genie for getting a date, but the cockroaches made him waste the 3 wishes for the vacuum cleaner for Oggy. Oggy and the Cockroaches
Virtual Voyage

(Voyage Virtuel)

It's all out Cyberspace War as Oggy, with his vacuum cleaner, and Joey take a daring voyage in the internet in order to return to the real world - however, system errors, bugs, power flows and even Jack himself are hellbent on slowing Oggy and Joey down... Oggy, Joey and Jack
70 71 72 Abominable Snow Moth

(Mite des Neiges)

Things go upside down in the winter when the abominable snow moth came into and eats any yarn in its path in Oggy's home. How would Oggy respond to this cotton-involving incident? Jean-Louis Capron Both (mainly Oggy)
The Neighbor's Cat

(Le Chat de la Voisine)

The fat neighbor woman treated Oggy as a pet cat when the real neighbor's cat made it happen - and the cockroaches want Oggy to stay that way by all means. Oggy

(Lune de Miel)

When Oggy is eating jam, it brings along an old bee woman which cockroach Joey is in love with, starting up a literal honeymoon - involving irritating Oggy. Neither
73 74 75 Loony Balloons

(Zig Zags pour Deux Zigues)

Oggy and Jack share a ride in a remote-controlled hot-air balloon. However, it soon becomes a joyride when their remote ends up in the cockroaches' hands. Nicolas Gallet Oggy and Jack
Oggy and the Magic Broom

(Balai à Réactions)

A wizard quietly sleeps over at Oggy's house for the duration of the day. Meanwhile, the cockroaches fight over the usage of his flying broom against Oggy.

Cockroaches (except Joey)


(Sandwich au Sable)

Oggy is going to the beach for what he thinks will be a relaxing day off. What he doesn't notice, is that the cockroaches has decided to tag along. And when Oggy and the cockroaches are near each other, trouble is bound to happen. Oggy
76 77 78 Emergency Room


Oggy is sent to the hospital when he trips down the stairs in pursuit while Jack watches over him. The cockroaches decide to visit the hospital - just to make an already bad situation worse for Oggy. John Loy <br>


Jean- Marie

Oggy and Jack
Oggy Van Winkle

(Vieilles Canailles)

The cockroaches receive a zapping from Oggy's newly found Chrono-freezer gun. They eventually wake up (thanks to a poodle marking its territory on them) in the future where they see Oggy and Jack at a very old age. The cockroaches decide to take advantage of this, which results in a chaotic fight the future has never seen before. Oggy (mainly Old Oggy)
A Night at the Opera

(Première à l'Opéra)

Jack is now a tenor and is making a performance at the opera. Dee Dee wishes to join in and tries to team up with him. Jack, however, tosses Dee Dee in a trashcan as his way of saying "no". But it will take more than that to break Dee Dee's dream, as he is trying to ruin the performance and take it all for himself. Cockroaches (mainly Dee Dee)

Season 2

# Title (French title) Overview Written by Story by Storyboard by Winning Characters: Oggy, Jack, Bob or the Cockroaches (Joey, Marky and Dee Dee)
79 80 81 Fame and Glory

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy really wants to go to the circus but had no money so Jack made a circus for himself, including the people and, for the two felines, the cockroaches. Joe Williams Olivier Jean-Marie Lionel Alliax Oggy and Cockroaches (mainly Joey and Oggy)
Hide and Sick

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is having a sick day recently - and the cockroaches are out to take advantage of his current situation all the while Jack is trying to cure Oggy from his illness, but everytime he tries to cure Oggy with a pair of syringes they keep on striking on Bob when Oggy sneezes. Jean-Louis Capron Francois Reczulski All (Except Jack)
Love and Kisses

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's sister, Monica comes over for a visit, whereas Jack is in love and tries to be a thrillseeker like her. However, love and kisses won't be for long, as the cockroaches try their best to ruin it. Olivier Jean-Marie Patrick Claeys Oggy, Jack and Monica
82 83 84 Milk Diet

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Dee Dee wins a cow in a lottery, and in prize he brings the cow to Oggy's house. Now for profits, Dee Dee bought a bull in order for the cow to have babies, but after the bull attacked Oggy, Dee Dee's plan was backfired. Dave Ingham Nicolas Gallet, Jean Louis Carpon Francois Rosso Cockroaches (mainly Dee Dee)
Wash Day

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches, in an attempt to give Dee Dee a bath, turn the entire suburban region into an ocean, and Oggy's just woken up to that. Can our blue feline make it back into the house, or will the cockroaches dampen any more of his plans? Jean Louis Capron, Francois Rosso Christopher Olivier Cockroaches
Crazy Shopping

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy arrives at the supermart, and the cockroaches have tagged along. Soon, their never-ending quabble results in Oggy knocking down a huge pile of detergent. Oggy is kicked out by the security guard and is forced to disguise himself in order to enter the shop and complete his errands. Olivier Jean Marie Patrick Claeys Cockroaches
85 86 87 Ski Bugs

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are hoping to relax at a ski resort. However, the cockroaches once again follow them, and trick Oggy into sledding down a dangerous slope. Can Jack save him? Joe Williams Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczulski Oggy and Jack
All Out of Shape

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While Oggy was playing and using his limitless imagination with clay, the cockroaches use a clay Oggy as a voodoo doll to literally shape Oggy's life into a wreck in all the ways possible. Jean Louis Capron Ludovic Hell Oggy (somewhat) and Jack
Roachy Redneck

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches have a redneck cockroach visitor (their cousin) and can make plants come to life which Oggy is enjoying... until he gets overconfident. Michel Gaudelette Lionel Allaix Oggy
88 89 90 Hit the Road Oggy

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy plans on going caravanning, but the cockroaches continually ruin it for him. Dave Ingham Nicolas Gallet Francois Rosso Oggy
Penguin Pandemonium

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and cockroach Dee Dee wake up to find their fridge-freezer occupied by a penguin and its egg. It's (quite) obvious what this hostile occupation by a polar bird leads to...  Michel Gaudelette Patrick Claeys Neither
That's the Last Straw!

(Oggy et les Cafards )

There is always one last resort with the cockroaches... this time, the cockroaches attempt to fool Oggy into thinking there's a meteor coming. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczulski Cockroaches
91 92 93 Perpetual Motion

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While repairing a broken TV remote, Jack accidentally created a magic remote that can control time. After discovering it, Jack toys around with this new remote, but it does not get any better when Joey gets a hold of it.

(NOTE: Dee Dee and Marky do not appear this episode.)

Alan MacDonald Paul Nougha Francois Reczulski Ambiguous
Life's a Beach

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack made the backyard a beach for everyone to do whatever they had in mind, but all Oggy gets is nothing but disaster from the customers, and needs all the urgent help he can get - even if it means from the cockroaches in person. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso Oggy and Cockroaches (mainly Oggy)
Saving Private Dee Dee

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy, being sick and tired of having his vegetable patch invaded by the cockroaches, decides to protect his vegetables with an electric barbed wire fence. However, cockroach Dee Dee is trapped in the patch, and is soon adopted as a child by a hedgehog. Can Dee Dee's fellow roaches help him break out? Jean Louis Capron Francois Rosso Neither
94 95 96 Laughing Gas

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack's latest device at eliminating the cockroaches from the house ends up in the wrong hands when they manage to get Oggy to drink it. What's more, they're armed with some really wacky laughing gas as well. Allan Plenderleith Michel Gaudelette Ludovic Hell Oggy and Jack
Hip Hip Hip Hypnosis

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Marky learns to do hypnosis and want to hypnotize Oggy for anything.

(NOTE: Dee Dee and Joey do not appear in this episode.)

Nicolas Gallet Francois Rosso Neither
Missing in Action

(Oggy et les Cafards )

A jog in the park with Jack goes wrong for Oggy when he trips over, causing him to try and catch up. However, as always, the cockroaches are around to make matters worse for the blue feline. Olivier Jean Marie Olivier Poirette Oggy and the Cockroaches
97 98 99 Take Cover

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack's love for playing toy soldiers turns into a nightmare when the cockroaches fool him into believing that there's a real war going on in the back yard. Alan MacDonald Jean Louis Capron Patrick Claeys Oggy and Jack
Copy Cat

(Mecanic Oggy)

When the cockroaches break the ear of one of Oggy's most precious figurines, he gets so frustrated and heart-broken that he simply sits still in the sofa, holding the rest of the broken ear in his hand. The cockroaches decide to build a robot to take Oggy's place in chasing them - a decision they will come and live to regret. Jean Louis Capron Francois Rosso Oggy
High Flyers

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Dee Dee and Joey have decided they want to fly and Marky is the test subject in a number of very unsuccessful attempts. Paul Nougha Jean Charles Fink Oggy
100 101 102 The Wonder Whistle

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy receives a time-freezing whistle in the mail (along with some ear muffs), but when the cockroaches take notice of this, they trick him into thinking that he has frozen them in time, and upon doing so, they steal the whistle while Oggy's asleep and cause mayhem in the city by freezing everything. John Brennan Paul Nougha Francois Reczulski Neither
The Hungry Ostrich Empire

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is left to look after an ostrich for Jack. While it starts eating anything around the house, the cockroaches get involved with the ostrich chase. Dee Dee and Marky want to eat it, whereas Joey wants to ride it. Olivier Jean Marie Fabien Brandily Oggy, Jack and Joey
Lost in Space

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is on the duty of looking after a space station. However, the cockroaches have come aboard to cause the usual mischief, this time in the deep, dark, inky depths of the final frontier. Olivier Jean Marie Charles Vaucuelle Oggy (somewhat)
103 104 105 Working Cat

(Oggy et les Cafards )

With electricity bills and economic shortage (lack of food and money), Oggy decides to take up a job test in order to look for work. John Brennan Paul Nougha Patrick Claeys Oggy
Beware of the Bodyguard

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches are causing the usual trouble, again. Oggy is sick and tired of them bullying him all the time (at least more than he usually is), so he decides to get... a bodyguard. Nicolas Gallet Francois Rosso Cockroaches
My Beautiful Prison

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is given a treasure map by the cockroaches. However, in order to get this 'treasure,' Oggy must break INTO a maximum security prison. The result... an all-out prison siege. Paul Nougha Olivier Jean Marie Cockroaches
106 107 108 Go for it, Jack

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy wanted to play table tennis but Jack got busy trying to impress Monica. The cockroaches tried their best to ruin Jack’s attempts but Jack ended up conquering his love. Very romantic indeed. Chris Trengrove Michel Gaudelette Olivier Jean Marie Oggy (somewhat), Jack and Monica
The Techno-files

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack decides to help Oggy by showing him his inventions, purely designed for cockroach removal - which are, in fact, overcomplex and technologically advanced versions of the flyswatter. Olivier Jean Marie Patrick Claeys Oggy
Soldier for a Day

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is drafted into the army, given the fact that he is fit for service, and the cockroaches decide to come along and cause havoc in boot camp. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczulski Cockroaches
109 110 111 Do Not Lean out of the Window

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's taking a train home, apparently - until the cockroaches decide to give him their own way of handling the railways. Alan MacDonald Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso, Olivier Jean Marie Oggy (somewhat) and Jack (somewhat)
7 Minutes & Counting

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After Oggy is bitten by a poisonous snake, Jack has to take care of him. However, the cockroaches try to prevent him from doing so, as well as allowing the poison inside of Oggy to kick in.

Jean Louis Capron Fred Vervisch Cockroaches
Un-Bear-able Bears

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Carnival time! Oggy and Jack decide to dress up in different costumes, but the costumes soon cause a serious misunderstanding not only between the cats, but between two bears as well. Even worse, the cockroaches decide to join by framing Oggy and causing more trouble for Jack and the bears. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso Neither
112 113 114 Warning! Boa on the Run

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Upon returning from a picnic to the zoo with Jack, Oggy finds a boa constrictor in his picnic basket. In the process, it consumes almost everything in the house, namely Jack and the cockroaches. Can this large reptile be taken back to the zoo before Jack can be digested? Michel Gaudelette Olivier Jean Marie All (except Jack)
Saturday Black Fever

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy strikes oil while doing a spot of gardening. Through this, he can earn a BIG profit, which brings attention to the cockroaches. Olivier Jean Marie Rudy Bloss Oggy
Mayday Mayday!

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's cruise trip is rudely interrupted by cockroach Dee Dee, while Jack, Marky and Joey are feeling... seasick. Paul Nougha Rudy Bloss All (except Jack)
115 116 117 The Joker Joked

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy prepares to meet up with his date, and her parents. However, a mix-up in the mail results in Oggy accidentally switching his new formal suit with a magician's suit (complete with tricks). Amanda Swift Paul Nougha Francois Reczulski Oggy and Dee Dee
Green Peace

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy attempts to get a pine tree ready in time for Christmas, despite a dispute involving his inner-angel and inner-demon. To add insult to injury, his inner-demon joins forces with the cockroaches to attempt to destroy all of the trees Oggy prepares for Christmas time. Nicolas Gallet Patrick Claeys Cockroaches
Keep Cool

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Once again, the cockroaches have raided Oggy's fridge in the middle of the night, but this time, they leave the fridge door open, causing the whole world to go into a second ice age. How can Oggy and Jack cope? Marc Du Pontavice Francois Reczulski Neither
118 119 120 The Pied Bagpiper

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy encounters the Loch Ness Monster in his swimming pool. Whilst he tries all his best to look after it, the cockroaches want to get rid of it by all means, at all costs - even if it means their physical health. Dave Ingham Olivier Jean Marie Fabien Brandily Neither
Sleepless Night

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy returns home after a night out with Jack and only wants to go to sleep, but the cockroaches have other ideas. Olivier Jean Marie Pascal David Neither
Walls have Ears

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While on the roof to fix the TV antenna, Oggy gets hit by a lightning bolt, granting him the ability to pass through anything. Thrilled by this new gift, Oggy causes Jack increasing mental distress, but the cockroaches soon turn the tables against him. Francois Reczulski Patrick Claeys Cockroaches
121 122 123 Face Off

(Oggy et les Cafards )

When Oggy gets himself - and his original face - anviled by another prank the cockroaches made, Jack decides to take him to the plastic surgery to fix the problem. Misunderstanding and cockroach intervention will lead to several incorrect, and rather bizarre, facial-reconstructions. Dave Ingham Paul Nougha Fred Vervisch Oggy and the Cockroaches (mainly Joey)
Off Limits

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches move into Bob's home, taking Oggy's TV, fridge and money with them. After reasoning fails him, Oggy tries to win back his key possessions by force. Francois Reczulski Jean Louis Capron Oggy (somewhat)
Golf Curse

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack believes he is a good golfer, but his caddy, Oggy, knows he isn't. Both cats suffer from attacks of the targets of Jack's wild swings. Olivier Jean Marie Thomas Szabo Bob and Cockroaches
124 125 126 The Pumpkin that Pretended to be a Ferrari

(Oggy et les Cafards )

In this fairytale-like story, Oggy accidentally runs over a frog whilst returning home from his shopping. He then tries to kiss it better, only to learn that this frog is actually a fairy, who decides to make a van out of his shopping bag. When Jack learns of Oggy's situation, he decides to find another frog/fairy in order to have a big night out.

(NOTE: The cockroaches do not appear in this episode.)

Allan Plenderleith Nicolas Gallet Francois Reczulski Oggy and Jack
Paper Chase

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Another series of cockroach pranks results in Oggy falling into a photocopier, and trapped inside a piece of paper. Can Oggy find a way out of this situation? John Brennan Nicolas Gallet Patrick Claeys Oggy
Penalty Shot

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After watching a game of soccer on TV, cockroach Joey introduces it to Dee Dee and Marky, and decide to have their own game. However, they soon learn that finding the perfect pitch is no walk in the park, even if it means using Jack as a mini soccer field. Paul Alexander Olivier Jean Marie Christophe Pettit All (mainly Oggy and except Jack)
127 128 129 Oggy's Puzzled

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's attempt at finishing a jigsaw puzzle starts to go to pieces when cockroach Joey steals the final piece. Alan MacDonald Michel Gaudelette Francois Rosso Joey
Going Up

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The stairs at Oggy's house are too long, and is difficult for him to climb them up when chasing the cockroaches. So, he buys an elevator for making it easier to go to the second floor. But soon, cockroaches make everything go out of control. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczulski Cockroaches
Don't Rock the Cradle

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is left to look after the baby of Jack and Monica while they were far away, which is, however, easier said than done, as the cockroaches are all hellbent on making this babysitting job a challenge. Olivier Jean Marie Patrick Claeys Oggy (somewhat), Jack and Monica
130 131 132 Pharonuf

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack's trip in Egypt takes the usual twist when the cockroaches show up to cause mayhem. However, the chase takes themselves and Oggy into a time vortex (inside a pyramid), leading to the Ancient Egyptian Empire time period, where our blue feline is suddenly taken into slave labour, whereas the roaches are all treated like pharaohs. What's more, an ancient mummy awaits those who dare disturb its rest. Paul Alexander Olivier Jean Marie Jice Dessaint Oggy and Jack
Sitcom After seeing Oggy watching a TV sitcom, the cockroaches play a clever prank on him, which involves a tape recording of a laugh track. And if that's not enough, the recording ends up in Oggy's stomach, involuntarily activating while Jack and Monica are near to breaking up. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso Oggy and Jack (somewhat)

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After his home gets reduced all the way down to ruins, Bob moves into Oggy's house for a stay while his house is being rebuilt. Just how would Oggy react with this situation? Only time will tell. Jice Deesaint Francois Reczulski Neither
133 134 135 Magic Carpet Ride

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy buys a new carpet, which turns out to be a magic carpet, able to fly. When the cockroaches tie explosives to it, it goes out of control and Jack must save Oggy, who can't control the carpet. Jon Groves Michel Gaudelette Christopher Olivier Cockroaches
Safari so good

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are on safari on Africa. Dee Dee is there too, and is trying to ruin the trip. After monkeys steal their safari truck, Oggy and Jack must devise several ways to try to escape from the African wilderness. Olivier Jean Marie Charles Vaucuelle Dee Dee
Joey and the Magic Bean

(Oggy et les Cafards )

One night a green giant  (the Greek/Roman god of war Ares/Mars) comes to Oggy's neighborhood and Joey meets with him. He gives Joey a can of magic beans, which make Joey grow taller when he eats them. Joey spends all night trying to grow up enough to scare Oggy. But no matter how huge he grows, whenever he confronts Oggy, he is still shorter. Michel Gaudelette Francois Reczulski Oggy
136 137 138 Control Freak

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are having a racing contest in order to decide who should be allowed to use the TV's remote-control; it is something that only results in more mayhem. Joey, the man that held the competition, supports Jack, while Dee Dee, along Marky supports Oggy. Kathy Sandford Olivier Jean Marie Thomas Szabo, Olivier Jean Marie Oggy, Jack (somewhat) and the Cockroaches (except Joey)
Flower Power

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy finds a book on flower power and decides to become a peaceful hippy. The cockroaches try to provoke him into losing his temper, but to little avail.

Michel Gaudelette Thomas Szabo Oggy (somewhat) and Jack
What a Dump

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's latest attempt at removing the cockroaches results in them (including our blue feline) taking a one way ticket to the rubbish tip. Can Oggy break out of the junkyard in one piece, especially with the cockroaches? Alan MacDonald Jean Louis Capron, Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczluski Cockroaches
139 140 141 Sea Risks

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are left stranded in the middle of the ocean on a lifeboat following a shipwreck, along with Dee Dee. Jack tries to find a way out while Oggy can only think about one thing, and one only: food. Kelly Marshall Olivier Jean Marie Charles Vaucuelle Bob and Dee Dee (somewhat)
Mission to Earth

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Joey unwittingly catapult themselves to another planet. They later see a spaceship leading toward the invasion of Earth from aliens disguised as garden gnomes. The directive is clear and the imperative is obvious now: terminate the gnome aliens' invasion permanently and get back to Earth at once. Olivier Jean Marie Charles Vaucuelle Bob
Oggy's Bag

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy chases the cockroaches into his dirty laundry bag. However, they soon find out that this bag's a world of its own, and the clothes come to life. Nicolas Gallet Francois Reczulski, Rene Louis Sauger Neither
142 143 144 Jack in a Box

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack shows Oggy a machine that can transform objects into other things (i.e. transforming a cow into dairy products and beef products). But when the cockroaches throw Jack into the machine, Oggy makes his attempt to save him - even if it costs him his physical form. Dave Ingham Michel Gaudelette Zyk Oggy and Jack
A Tooth for a Tooth

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches are pulling yet another prank on poor Oggy. This time, they put massive, fake teeth in his mouth. Oggy is forced to call his old friend Jack in order to get rid of his new, oversized teeth. Jean Louis Carpon, Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso Oggy and Jack
The Blob

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After Oggy receives a lava lamp-like object from the post, the cockroaches release the blob from inside of it, which then starts growing and eating anything in its path. Olivier Jean Marie, Nicolas Gallet Jice Dessaint Oggy (somewhat)
145 146 147 Upside Down

(Oggy et les Cafards )

A terribly windy day leads to Oggy nailing all appliances and furniture to the floor. However, the house itself gets blown away, landing upside down on top of a tree. Oggy tries to cope with a world gone upside down, but the cockroaches, again, make things hard. Paul Alexander Paul Nougha Francois Reczulski Bob and the Cockroaches

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is enjoying a barbecue in his garden and Jack is unsuccessfully trying to fly a kite. When Jack gets wrapped in the line the cockroaches are using for their tennis ball, he starts a mayhem. The mayhem soon escalates and involves them all, including Bob and the hawk living in Oggy's tree. Michel Gaudelette Lionel Alliax Oggy and Jack
Boxing Fever

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After the cockroaches' pranks result in another encounter between Oggy and Bob, this time Oggy challenges Bob to a duel with Bob forcing on Oggy a boxing match. Oggy calls Jack in order to get some help in training for the upcoming match - will Oggy get out of this situation, or is it TKO for him? Paul Nougha Rudy Bloss


148 149 150 Up to No Good

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While having a roast chicken cooked, Oggy finds a switch in his garden, which unveils a mountain from underneath his house. The cockroaches have already made it into the house, awaiting his meal. Can Oggy make it back in, even with an encounter from a disco-dancing yeti? Toby Rushton Jean Louis Carpon Francois Rosso Oggy
Oggy has Kittens

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy adopts a kitten after it faces torment from the cockroaches. What's more, he's willing to teach this infant the proper cat etiquette, much to the confusion of Jack. Olivier Jean Marie Ludovic Hell Oggy and Jack
Baby Boum

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The stork is coming and, of course, he also brings babies. Oggy decides to dump a baby in Bob's garden. As the storks continue to bring babies, this results in an all-out infant battle between Oggy and Bob where both are trying different methods of dumping the babies in the opponent's garden. Nicolas Gallet Charles Vaucuelle Bob
151 152 153 Sky Diving

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Just as Jack was about to propose marriage to her, a thrill-seeking Monica decides to take up skydiving, taking both Oggy and Jack with her. However, Dee Dee has come along too, just to make the stunt harder for the already scared Jack. Malcolm Williamson Olivier Jean Marie Thomas Szabo Dee Dee

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy trips over a small, fat kid sitting on the street and typing with a laptop. The kid then decides to follow Oggy home. But at there, the kid starts performing strange experiments on the cockroaches. Olivier Jean Marie Lionel Alliax Neither
Black and White

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is trying a new, super-strong detergent. The cockroaches decide to fill the washing machine to the brim with it as Oggy exits the laundry room. This causes the washing machine to over-flow and cover Oggy's house with pink foam. When a rain cloud washed it off, the house (and the garden) has lost all its colour. This has a really depressive effect on Oggy. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Reczulski Bob
154 155 156 Strike!

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches' game of pick-up sticks is interrupted by Oggy, who is bowling. However, when Jack comes over, a chase begins, leading both cats to a real bowling alley. James Henry Michel Gaudelette Patrick Claeys Oggy and Jack
Chatter Box

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy buys a new type of crackers that causes anyone who eats one to speak non-stop in gibberish. He tries a piece and is unimpressed by the result. But then Dee Dee tries one out and gains the ability to speak (albeit in apparent gibberish). However, the other cockroaches are not very impressed by Dee Dee's new verbal skills (and no one else by the way), until Jack also eats one of the crackers, and finally Dee Dee and Jack have someone to talk to! N. Gallet, P. Nougha, J.L. Capron Patrick Claeys All (Except Dee Dee)
Welcome to Paris

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's trip in Paris goes horribly awry when the cockroaches, somehow, hitch a ride. The chase starts at the Eiffel Tower and goes all the way to Notre Dame de Paris. Olivier Jean Marie Francois Rosso Both (mainly Cockroaches)

Season 3

# Title (French title) Overview Winning Characters: Oggy, Jack, Bob, or the Cockroaches (Joey, Marky and Dee Dee)
157 158 159 Octopus Oggy befriends an octopus which the cockroaches want to eat. Little does Oggy know this octopus makes a habit of plotting robberies - for example, when Oggy was at his most unaware when he sleeps and gets relaxed, the Octopus sniggers and pulls Oggy's stuff into his head. Neither

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy has a new job shaving sheep. For him, even here, the cockroaches are there, ready to get Oggy in trouble - for the shear love of it. Both
Night Watchmen

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are assigned to keep watch over a toxic waste plant, briefed to make sure no monkey business will make this plant go nuclear. But while Jack is sleeping on the job, Oggy has to take damage from the cockroaches, trying his best to avoid sending the entire waste plant sky-high. Cockroaches
160 161 162 Abandoned Cockroaches

(Oggy et les Cafards )

When Oggy and Jack go on vacation yet again, the cockroaches tag along, then the cats plan on leaving them behind at a convenience store, which only destroys their car. Cockroaches
V.I.P. Party

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Our favorite feline is invited to an extravagant V.I.P. party. As always (if you're familiar with Oggy), the cockroaches come along and turn this party up one notch too high as Oggy suffers torture by Marky and Dee Dee, while Joey has eyes for Cinderella and her only. Joey
Scuba Diving

(Oggy et les Cafards )

When our not so deliberate duo, Oggy and Jack, take up scuba diving in Hawaii during their vacation, not even water can stop the cockroaches from tagging along and taking the plunge to cause their usual mischief - this time under the great blue. Cockroaches
163 164 165 Oggy and the Magic Shoes

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While walking home, Oggy finds a pair of magic shoes that can dance on their own whenever spit-shined. Oggy soon becomes famous with the toe tappers. All goes well until the cockroaches ruin everything. Oggy
Casino Oggy receives his 1 million Euro payment. Jack spends it all on a casino joint. And of course, the cockroaches come along for the ride. Cockroaches (except Dee Dee)
Santa Oggy

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Right in the middle of this Christmas night, Santa Claus, while doing his routine gift delivery services, experiences - and gets disabled by - cockroach-related technical difficulties, so Oggy volunteers to do his job for him. Too bad the cockroaches are trying to take the "merry" out of Oggy's merry Christmas tonight - festive anything-goes style. Cockroaches
166 167 168 Just Married!

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The big day has arrived when Oggy gets invited to the marriage of his best friend, Jack, and a French poodle, promising to be cockroach-free, but Dee Dee, Marky and Joey come along for the wedding too, uninvited, just to raise a little heck... well, so much for that "No Cockroaches Allowed" policy of the invitation. All (except Jack)
Living Carrots

(Oggy et les Cafards )

One day, Oggy discovers that all of the vegetables in his house are alive! So naturally, the vegetables are saved. But when Oggy gets hungry, they have to resort to change Oggy into a predator. Oggy and Jack
Castaway Cats

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack fall overboard on their cruise ship and fall on an island. While Oggy is enjoying himself, Jack is trying to leave. Meanwhile, the cockroaches are being kidnapped by a roach eater. Cockroaches
169 170 171 Transamazon-ians

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are on a wild safari. They run into friendly insectivore natives who accidentally make Jack unconscious which the cockroaches take advantage of. Jack
First Flight

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack is preparing an airplane flight, while Oggy gets on the wrong flight and the cockroaches are the pilots. Oggy
Invincible After being run over by a car, Oggy discovers he has superpowers, and Jack becomes his sidekick in order to protect the world from villainy. However, both cats always get into trouble. Jack (somewhat)
172 173 174 Inside Out

(Oggy et les Cafards )

A witch drops a strange invention - an enchanted telescope, namely - in Oggy's house. When the cockroaches use it, they grow to gigantic size - and of course manage to shrink Oggy, Bob and Jack. Oggy, Jack and Bob
Priceless Roaches

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is in China and the cockroaches are there also causing mischief. With that, Oggy sells them to a Chinese merchant but then starts to think he made the wrong decision. Oggy
The World Underneath

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches' latest prank on Oggy is trapping him under the house, Jack hears of it and makes the cockroaches go down to save him. However, Jack must first sign the contract that if the cockroaches save Oggy, they will humiliate Jack by recording him dancing like a ballerina. Oggy and the Cockroaches
175 176 177 Golden Eggs

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While doing laundry, Oggy discovers of a chicken that can lay eggs... but not just any eggs - golden ones. When the cockroaches learn of this, they try to get one of her eggs too for profits.


(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches hire a termite to help them get in the cupboards. However, this termite causes problems with Oggy and Jack. Cockroaches (mainly Dee Dee)
The Mini-Golf War

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are playing mini golf in Oggy's yard. The cockroaches show up to cause trouble for Jack, while Oggy keeps getting a perfect score. Oggy
178 179 180 Oggywood Oggy is exploring scenic Hollywood, and the cockroaches try to bug him. The chase leads them to several movie scene parodies. Cockroaches
Horse Ride

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack brings Oggy a horse for a horse show. Oggy plans on getting famous for riding it, but becomes only a show the cockroaches can enjoy. Jack and the Cockroaches
Oggy's Crab

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy adopts a crab knowing that it keeps the cockroaches away, However, the crab soon gets a bit... clingy to Oggy much to his dismay. Cockroaches
181 182 183 The Fugitive

(Oggy et les Cafards )

After catching him in the fridge, Oggy manages to "kill" cockroach Dee Dee, but he did not realize that Dee Dee was just playing dead. Also, Joey and Marky call the police and a crime inspector to make this even worse for Oggy. Oggy (somewhat) and the Cockroaches
The Ancestor

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy finds a caveman form of a cockroach frozen in his garden. The cockroaches unfreeze him, later finding out the really, really hard way that the cockroach they've thawed is a wild cat eater - which equals Oggy is bound to end up becoming the main item in a prehistoric cave-bug's menu. Cockroaches
Surf's On

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack are out surfing but Oggy is stuck with the big board. Plus, after he manages to control it, the cockroaches make things worse for him and Jack. Cockroaches
184 185 186 Hold Up

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy must protect the banks' money, but the cockroaches steal his forklift, and Oggy has to get it back once and for all! Oggy and the Cockroaches (somewhat)

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack opens up a pizza delivering business and Oggy is the deliverer. But Oggy's job becomes difficult once the cockroaches steal Bob's every order. Oggy and the Cockroaches
Oggy's Grandma

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy's grandmother returns, which means bad news to the cockroaches. Considering, Oggy's grandmother drinks a power coffee, making her super strong against them. Oggy
187 188 189 Locked Outside

(Oggy et les Cafards )

The cockroaches lock poor Oggy out of his house. Now Oggy must find a way back in before his house is trashed. Cockroaches
Cartoon Lesson

(Oggy et les Cafards )

While watching a bunch of old cartoons, Oggy and the cockroaches are transported in the projector. Oggy then finds the characters who want to teach him a little of something about cartoons.

Ugly, Dirty and Good

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Cockroach Joey is hit on the head and treats Oggy like a role model. Now Marky and Dee Dee must try to change him back. Oggy (somewhat) and the Cockroaches (Except Joey)
190 191 192 Moving Out

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy is up to his breaking point with the cockroaches so he moves to the city. Feeling sad and lonely, the cockroaches try to look for him - but when they show up in his new apartment room, something tells the city there's not enough room for the four of them. Oggy
Deep Trouble

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack climb aboard on a submarine, but the cockroaches come along and take over the entire ship.

(NOTE: This is also the last appearance of Monica. and the title card music of this episode is similar to "The Dictator".)

The Cicada and the Cockroach

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Kindhearted Oggy takes in a cicada hoping to use her sound for relaxation, not realizing it gives Joey quite a headache. All (except Joey)
193 194 195 Oggy's Double

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy finds another cat that is a near-perfect replica of himself (save for a white spot on his tail). When Jack learns of this, he decides to play a joke on the cockroaches making them think that Oggy is everywhere, resulting in double the trouble, double the laughs. Oggy and Jack
Formula 1

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Jack invites Oggy to see him participate as an F1 racer in the big racing tournament being hosted at the circuit arena. But when the cockroaches come with the cats to get their race on, havoc-wreaking bug style, things are about to go way too turbo for Oggy and Jack to stomach. Jack (somewhat) and Oggy
To Serve and Protect

(Oggy et les Cafards )

Oggy and Jack attend Bob's police training camp, and the cockroaches sabotage Jack's every task and somehow make Oggy win. Oggy and Bob

Season 4

# Title Overview Winning Characters: Oggy, Jack, Olivia, Bob or the Cockroaches (Joey, Marky and Dee Dee)
196 197 198 Olivia When a new girl cat named Olivia moves into Oggy's neighborhood, he instantly falls in love with her. But, not only are Bob and Jack (who are working together) also pining for Olivia, when the cockroaches see the whole thing, they pull out all the tricks they can to throw a wrench into this relationship.

(NOTE: This episode was released together with the 13th anniversary of the show.)

Oggy and Olivia
The Lighthouse Keeper Oggy and Jack become lighthouse keepers for the day.While Jack gets a fear of heights,Oggy once again chaces the cockroaches who are directing boats all over the place. Oggy
Dump the Roaches Oggy and Jack find a new job − Oggy and a sleep deprived Jack become garbage men.But the cockroaches mess up the controls and things go crazy. Oggy
199 200 201 Dee Dee's Diet Dee Dee thinks he’s too fat so he decides to go on a diet. Anything Both (mainly goes so he can lose a few kilos. Oggy and Dee Dee
A Jealous Guy During a lovely day in the yard, Joey photoshops some pics and makes Oggy believe that he has had a fling with Olivia, the lovely neighbor. Oggy is super jealous and begins to act very strangely. No one can understand why. Oggy (somewhat), Jack and Olivia
Let's Party Guys Marky and Dee Dee plan to make a big birthday party for Joey. However, as the party commences, it turns out to be a HUGE problem at the house, which angers Oggy and Jack. Oggy and Jack
202 203 204 Airship House

It's Jack's birthday, and Oggy is preparing for it by blowing some balloons. The cockroaches bring the balloons and blow all of them, causing Oggy's house to float in the air. Oggy and Jack now have to save the house before it crashes into the city towers.

Oggy and the Cockroaches
Panic Room Having enough with the cockroaches screwing his days, Oggy buys a panic room to keep an eye on them. Oggy (Somewhat)
Into the Wild

Oggy and Jack are having a vacation at the hills. However, it has turned into a really, really long way to go, as the cockroaches are also along with them, only to make even more trouble for the cats.

Oggy and Jack
205 206 207 Washing Day Oggy has just washed his clothes, and is about to dry them, when the cockroaches come up and steal the clothes, starting a battle between Oggy and the roaches on the clotheslines. Olivia and Bob
Lightning Visit Oggy's relatives arrive at Oggy's house for a visit. As such, Oggy is determined protect his visitors from the roaches' plots. Oggy
Oggy's Shadow The roaches have trapped Oggy with lights and nailed his shadow as they are about to, as usual, raid the fridge. When Oggy breaks free, his shadow is still trapped and then becomes stray. Will Oggy be able to get his shadow back? Oggy
208 209 210 Buddy Parrot One day, Oggy finds a parrot which repeats anything he says and does, and decides to take it home. As the parrot is at Oggy's house, cockroach Dee Dee becomes very obsessed with the parrot, and wants to get its feathers only for... crackers? Oggy and Dee Dee
The Magic Pen A pencil with weird powers has just fallen onto Oggy's house yard, and the cockroaches plan to use it to prank Oggy, until it turns into a war between them. Oggy
The Cube Oggy finds a weird cube in his yard, and decides to take it to his living room. But soon the cube causes trouble for him as it grows bigger. Oggy(?), Jack and Olivia
211 212 213 A Charming Guy Oggy has problems to show his feelings for Olivia, probably because he is just too nervous to do so. To make matters worse, the roaches come along to ruin Oggy's every attempt to impress Olivia. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
Fly for Fun When a helicopter lands on Oggy's yard, Oggy deicdes to take control of it for a while. Suddenly, cockroach Joey falls in love to the helicopter, thinking it's a fly and leaving the other roaches in confusion, and harder for Oggy to control it. Oggy and Joey
Olivia's Pimple Olivia notices a pimple on her face and refuses to leave her home. What will Oggy do to help Olivia get rid of the pimple? Oggy (somewhat) and Olivia
214 215 216 The Ice Rink It's an icy day, and when Bob crashes into a fire hydrant, Oggy's yard turns into a large ice rink. Oggy and Olivia decide to make some fun on the rink by going on ice skating. However, as Oggy has problems with his ice skating shoes, the cockroaches, as usual, have plans to make matters worse, putting him in trouble with Bob. Oggy, Bob and Olivia
For Real Oggy chases Joey through the street until they reach a power plant and crash into a power rod, turning Oggy into a real cat and Joey into a real cockroach. This turns out to be a real problem for both of them, as they can't do anything they usually do. Bob
Fly to the Sun As usual, the cockroaches are planning to get food from the fridge, and this time they blow up the floor of Oggy's house. However, the blast instead sends the house up into the space, heading into the sun. Will Jack be able to save Oggy's house before it collides into the sun? All (except Jack)
217 218 219 Run, Olivia, Run Olivia is taking part of a marathon, and Oggy comes with a bag with a bottle of water inside. However, the roaches, as usual, also come with him and are up to no good, stealing the bag, resulting in a big chase while the race is on. Cockroaches
Mind the Giant Cockroach Marky accidentally eats a tree seed which makes him grow really, really fast, turning him into a giant roach who eats everything. Oggy and the Cockroaches (Except Marky)
A Soft World Oggy gets a package containing a spray bottle, which he hopes to be able to kill the roaches. However, as the roaches have it in their hands, they have made everything droopy and soft. Oggy and Jack
220 221 222 Sports Fans After the cockroaches destroy Oggy's TV, Oggy and Jack make the cockroaches do olympic events themselves. Neither (mainly Cockroaches)
The Kitchen Boy Oggy gets a new job as a chef in a restaurant. Everything is good for Oggy, until the cockroaches come along to spoil Oggy's cookings. Oggy must cook a food to the customer/girlfriend, Olivia. How can Oggy able to do this?) Oggy and Olivia
Mister Cat Oggy is taking part of a Mister Cat contest, but then Bob also enters with his new pet cat. When it comes to the final round, Bob decides to ask help from the cockroaches to fix the contest to make sure his pet cat wins. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
223 224 225 The Easter Egg An Easter Bell, tired from its long flight, lands in Oggy’s yard and lays an Easter egg right before taking off again. Oggy that find the egg decided to give it to Olivia, but cockroaches decided to eat it. Oggy and Olivia
Journey to the Center of the Earth After the cockroaches steal Oggy's nose, Joey and Oggy fall to the center of the earth. Meanwhile, Dee Dee and Marky tell Olivia of this, as they go down to save Oggy and Joey. Oggy and Olivia
Butterfly Race Oggy was drinking his drink on his very long straw while Bob is cutting his shrubs and Olivia is working up. While Oggy is relaxing, a butterfly came in and lands on Oggy and Oggy likes the butterfly and feeds him honey and Dee Dee likes that too. Since Bob is obsessed with butterflies when he saw Oggy has a butterfly as a pet, he gets Marky and dressed him up like a butterfly. Soon, it turns into a race against Oggy and his butterfly against Bob and Marky. During the race, Bob tries his best to stop Oggy's butterfly but Oggy recharged his power and his butterfly wins. Unfortunately, all the honey had been eaten by Dee Dee and the butterfly leaves which makes Oggy sad. Olivia comforts him and Oggy feels better.

Oggy and Olivia

226 227 228 Oggy Goes Green Oggy buys a solar panel, and sees its effects. Then, Oggy goes crazy and uses everything from solar energy. But, the cockroaches decide to use them to chase Oggy with burning heat. Oggy and Olivia
Now You See Me, Now You Don't Oggy is fixing himself up a veggie drink, what could be more healthy than that?! But every time his back is turned, the roaches put weird junk into the blender. Oggy managed to get his body visible when he goes to the bathroom while the cockroaches creates a concoction to make them invisible. All (Except Joey and Bob)
What a Lousy Day Oggy is in the attic and wears his cowboy hat, unaware that 3 lice are in his hair. Oggy began to scratch his head because its itchy but Oggy isn't the only one who has an itchy head, even Jack and Bob has itchy heads too and Olivia is confused why the trio keep on scratching their heads. Olivia looks closely at their heads and sees many lice eggs in their heads. Olivia washed their heads and puts a cloth on their heads to make them dry except they became humiliated in public. After their hairs are dry, Olivia calls the cockroaches to get rid of the lice and succeeded. Later on, they noticed Olivia scratching her head and now it's her turn for them to wash her head. All (Except Olivia)
229 230 231 Jack's Nephew Jack brings his nephew to Oggy's house, wanting Oggy to look after. But Jack's nephew is lazy, and only wants to eat cereal flakes. However Joey becomes fast friends with Jack's Nephew and trash the place. Oggy and the Cockroaches
Roommate Wanted Oggy is getting mighty bored living all alone. As he vacuums the spare room, he suddenly has an idea. So he decides to make a list of roommates to be with him so that he can't be bored. Unfortunately for Oggy, his roommates are afraid of the cockroaches and every time Oggy hired more roommates, they keep on leaving his house because of the cockroaches and Oggy got frustrated. Oggy
The Bathtub Race When the neighbourhoods were bored, Olivia has organized a bathtub race in the neighborhood. Oggy, Bob, Jack, along with cockroaches sign up. Olivia and Dee Dee
232 233 234 Inspector Dee Dee Oggy has returned to his house and shocked to find every thing gone in his house which makes him upset.With the police useless Dee Dee decides to find the culprit.Meanwhile Oggy and Marky start acting as if nothing happened Oggy and Joey (somewhat)
Hep Taxi Oggy becomes a taxi driver, and the roaches try to sabotage the business. Oggy and Olivia
(Un)happy Campers Olivia and Oggy head off in their camping car for a beach vacation. The roaches come along for the ride and decide to ruin Oggy’s vacation of course. Also Bob caravanning near Oggy and Olivia's, makes Oggy very disturbed by Bob's furniture. Can Oggy save his camping trip? Oggy, Olivia and the Cockroaches (Except Joey)
235 236 237 A Streetcar on the Loose Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to Aqualand for the day. The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max. Oggy, Bob and Olivia
Grease Monkey Oggy Oggy and Jack opened up a garage with gas tanks and lets Oggy worked as a mechanic while he relaxes.Oggy has to fix Bob's car while the cockroaches make havoc. Oggy
Farmer for a Day Olivia takes Oggy to an old farm.Oggy starts having an unusual experience with the animals,but with the cockroaches it's only the beginning. Oggy (somewhat) and Olivia
238 239 240 Oggy Splits Hairs Oggy and Jack open up a salon. But *sigh* the cockroaches are here to mess up the work. Cockroaches (somewhat)
Little Tom Oggy

Oggy exits shopping and confused to see which way to go. He tries to leave a trail but Dee Dee eats it and both of them became lost. Can they get home to their friends?

All (Except Joey and Marky)
Don't Barge In!

Oggy and Olivia are on a boat ride and the cockroaches are there too except Oggy kicked them out. Bob is the bridge operator signaling Oggy to stop except Oggy is confused with Bob's signals and ended up bumping into him. The cockroaches raced back to the boat while Bob always ended up getting bumped by Oggy's ride. The cockroaches managed to go to the controls and slams into dam bridges and ended in Oggy's house. Bob goes to kill Oggy with a shotgun but Oggy pushed the button and Bob got crushed by the gate.

All (Except Bob)
241 242 243 Artsy Oggy Oggy is painting a portrait of his tree in his yard. Suddenly, the cockroaches snatch his painting and doodled all over it. After Oggy gets it back from Joey, he calls an art critic and gives Oggy a briefcase full of money. Surprised, Oggy paints more portraits but when the critic arrives again, he refuses to accept Oggy's painting. Later Oggy forces the roaches to doodle all over his portraits and when the critic arrives once more, he gives Oggy bars of gold. The roaches confess what really happened. Feeling angry, Oggy grabs the roaches and hangs them in frames. Oggy (somewhat)
A five-legged sheep Oggy finds a five-legged sheep in front of his yard, little does he know that it is astray. Oggy decides to keep it for a while and also the roaches have come along for the ride. The mayhem ruins Bob's yard. Later, the sheep's owner finally finds it and brings it home back to where it belongs. Meanwhile, Bob confronts Oggy and drags him to the garage and beating him up. Bob and the Cockroaches
Oggy and the Magic Smile Oggy buys a magic smile from the magic shop. Everytime he wears it, he turns into a muscular tough guy. Will he use it to impress Olivia or plot revenge against the roaches? Both of these don't happen until cockroach Joey gets a hold of the magic smile. How will Oggy get it back? Oggy and Olivia
244 245 246 Water Sports Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to Aqualand for the day. The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max. Cockroaches
Caviar On The House Oggy decides to buy some caviar to impress Olivia. Unfortunately, he only has enough money to buy one little fish egg! All
Party Pooper Oggy decides to throw a private party just for Olivia so as to try and seduce her. But the roaches hack into Oggy's printer and print up three more invitations to the party. So Jack and Bob join in the fun. All
247 248 Scaredy-Cat It's Halloween! While Oggy is busy sculpting a pumpkin to put in the window, Jack is trying on his most horrible costumes. What's worse, a swamp monster came in Oggy's house by mistake and got lost Oggy and Jack
North Pole Panic (Featuring Olivia) This year's Christmas would have been the best one in the lifetime if it hadn't been ruined by the cockroaches. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
249 250 251 Skate Fever Oggy finds a skateboard in the street. After a disastrous start, he begins to get the hang of it and really enjoy it. He even builds a skate park at home. Oggy
Dream On Oggy is having a nightmare, can he solve this little sleeping problem? In the end, Oggy is angrily ruin his dream by cockroaches and he chase around his house with chainsaw to rupture the roaches. Meanwhile, Olivia, Bob and Jack are do nothing to stop his sleeping problem. Oggy (somewhat)
Lady K The cockroaches met their girlfriend Lady K and start a new relationship. All
252 253 254 Oggy and the Dodo Bird Oggy adopts a bird and Dee Dee decides to eat it. Oggy
Steamed Out! Oggy, Jack and Bob built a den. However, the cockroaches puts on steams in the house. All (except Olivia)
Picnic Panic Oggy, Jack and Olivia are going for a picnic and the roaches came along too. However, the ants flock the roaches out by attacking them after the lovely picnic. Bob
255 256 257 Lights Out! Oggy, Jack, Bob and Olivia are playing a game of cards when suddenly Joey accidentally turn off the lights and starts to raid the fridge. Neither
Wrestling Time! Jack coerces Oggy into being a wrestler. All
Shoplifting The cockroaches are trying to get some food by stealing. Cockroaches (somewhat)
258 250 260 Bicycle Crazy! A big bicycle race will be passing through the neighborhood. Jack plans to get money from the spectators by making a barbecue stand, only to get distracted by what Bob is planning to do. Meanwhile, Marky wants to meet Eddy, a bicycle racer, and get a photo of him. Oggy and the Cockroaches  (Except Marky)
Teleportation Oggy ordered a teleport machine which he uses it to go to any place faster by teleporting to that location. While Oggy is asleep, the cockroaches uses that to rob the fridge but Dee Dee and Marky are trapped while Joey's asleep. Jack and Bob wanted to try that machine but unfortunately after a few teleportations, they became stuck together so Oggy has to get them free. Oggy, Jack and Bob
Oggy & the Flour Man Oggy is about to make a pastry delight until Dee Dee steals his flour and Oggy chases after it. After that, the flour becomes a flour man and Oggy befriends it, while Dee Dee and his pals are trying to get the flour from the flour man, but it won't be easy because they can easily get through it instead of touching it, and easily blown away. Neither
261 262 263 The Cucaracha A mexican cockroach came for a visit with the cockroaches until Joey became jealous when Lady K fell in love with the cucaracha. Oggy and Joey
High-Rise Nightmare Bob renovated his house and replace it with a high rise hotel. The problem for Oggy is that the hotel is so tall it block the sunlight from shining light to him and easily causes a mess in Oggy's yard. Oggy and the Cockroaches
The Abominable Snow Roach A heavy snowstorm covers the whole area and the whole place is soon under a heavy pile of snow. The cockroaches are making a snow roach and they want to eat food but Dee Dee has already eaten all the food in the fridge. So when they spot Oggy carrying food, they decide to disguise themselves as a snow roach and let Oggy give them food. Oggy and Olivia
264 265 Very Special Deliveries Oggy and Jack take up jobs as delivery cats with Bob as their boss and the cockroaches as their saboteurs. Neither
Back to the Past! (Featuring Olivia) Thanks to a misunderstanding, a witch transforms Oggy, Jack and Bob into children. Will Olivia and the cockroaches be able to handle these hyperactive miscreants and undo the spell? Oggy, Jack, Bob and Olivia
266 267 Wake Up My Lovely Lady K wanted to rule the house of Olivia, she had a evil plan, making the apple to a forever sleeping potion, Olivia ate it. Oggy had to rescue her. Oggy, Olivia and the Cockroaches (somewhat on Joey's part)
From Mumbai with Love (Featuring Olivia) Jack wanted to see the Cricket World Cup 2012, the cockroaches had a different plan, on their way to their plans, they ruined the trip. All (except Joey)
268 269 Oggy and the Mermaid Oggy went scuba diving and saw a mermaid, the cockroaches kidnapped it, leaving Oggy to rescue her. Oggy and the Cockroaches (Except Joey)
Oggy Is Getting Married! (Featuring Olivia)

Oggy was going on a trip to Venice with his girlfriend Olivia, the cockroaches messed the vacation and they wanted to steal the diamond.

Oggy, Jack and Olivia

Season 5

# Title Overview Winning Characters: Oggy, Jack, Olivia, Bob or the Cockroaches (Joey, Marky and Dee Dee)
270 271 272 The Great Pyramid Mystery Oggy chases the cockroaches across the great pyramid construction site, trying to get his sandwich back. In the wink of an eye, the blue cat and his scurrilous companions get lost inside the immense pyramid... Will they ever find their way out? Oggy and the Cockroaches
Oggy and the Grasshopper Cloud Joey fools around with Oggy's bird-caller whistle, and attracts a cloud of grasshoppers, who invade the pyramid. The Grasshopper Leader does a deal with Joey, and ousts Pharaoh Bob. Dee Dee and Marky feel left out, and join forces with Oggy to get rid of the invaders. All (Except Joey)
Oggy on the Nile Oggy invites Olivia for a dream cruise on the Nile. The cockroaches, furious at being denied access on board, decide to ruin the outing. Plagued with sea-sickness, Oggy does his best to stay afloat! Neither
273 274 275 Gladiator Oggy Oggy and Olivia go to the Coliseum to watch a gladiator combat. The roaches filch Oggy's popcorn. He goes after them but ends up being enlisted as a gladiator! The roaches, propelled into the arena themselves, bitterly regret nicking Oggy's popcorn... Oggy, Jack and Olivia
Shift that Chariot Oggy! When Oggy sees Olivia set off to Rome on Bob's chariot, he's miserable. How can he compete? He doesn't know how to drive those things! Jack gives him chariot driving lessons, which become a nightmare when the roaches get involved. Oggy, Olivia and the Cockroaches
Oggy's Special Spa Oggy finds a great job working in the Roman Baths. Today, a celebrity is expected: Julius Caesar! Unfortunately, the cockroaches want to use the luxury spa too. Oggy freaks out: if Caesar sees those roaches, he can say goodbye to his new job! Bob and the Cockroaches
276 277 278 RodeOggy Jack intends to take part in a rodeo organized by Buffalo Bill. Joey is after the first prize too. He enrolls and manages to put Jack out of action. Jack abandons, and asks Oggy to replace him. Who's gonna win, dudes? Joey or Oggy?
Sheriff Oggy Sheriff Jack is about to take a nap. He designates Oggy as sheriff during that time. Oggy accepts the mission to impress Olivia, but things get out of hand. Can he maintain law and order? Can he protect the bank? The roaches hold it up again and again... Oggy and Olivia
Wanted The cockroaches stick Oggy's photo over a poster: "WANTED - BOB". Their idea works: a nasty looking bounty hunter turns up in search of OGGY. This could get nasty! Luckily, the unwitting cat sabotages the bounty hunter's plans, in all innocence.
279 280 281 The Green Thumb Bob, head gardener in the Versailles Palace, gives Oggy a list of jobs to make the gardens beautiful! Everything goes well, until Oggy inadvertently flattens the cockroaches, who decide to get even... Oggy
Oggy the King's Coachman Oggy, employed as the King's coachman, must prepare the royal carriage and drive it to Versailles for the King's outing. On the way, Oggy comes across highwaymen bent on stealing the carriage... the roaches of course! All (Except Jack)
The Levee of the King Oggy helps Jack, the King's page. The sovereign must be prepared in all his finery before the Royal Portrait painter turns up. Breakfast, bath, dressing: simple tasks become a nightmare with the roaches around... Oggy
282 283 284 Marky's Tournament Jack competes in a medieval tournament, with Oggy as his groom. Marky falls head over heels in love with Princess Bobette (Bob's daughter) and decides to compete. All's fair in love and war - that's what cockroaches say... Oggy and Marky (Somewhat)
The Roaches Seize the Castle Lord Bob goes hunting, leaving Oggy and Jack in charge of the castle. The cockroaches boot them out. Will Oggy and Jack succeed in getting back inside, before the roaches wreak utter havoc... and before Bob's return?
The Hunchback from the Cathedral When Oggy's sandwich gets nicked on the Notre Dame cathedral building site, he thinks it's the roaches again... But no! It's Quasimodo, the hunchback. He and Oggy become fast friends, and together, they protect Olivia - the lovely gipsy.
285 A Gorilla in Town TBA
286 Oggy and the Tramp TBA
287 Dee Dee Capone TBA



Oggy and the Treasure Oggy is cabin boy on Jack the Pirate's ship. While searching for treasure, they meet (and sink) Bob's ship...and kidnap Olivia. A mad chase ensues over Treasure Island as roaches and cats race to find gold...
The Octopus Masters Oggy finds a magic medallion in a shipwreck graveyard, and gives it to Olivia. When she puts it on, an Octopus appears, to obey her every wish! The 3 cockroaches do their utmost to steal the magical pendant from her. Oggy, Jack and Olivia

292 293

The Precious Panda Oggy adopts an adorable baby panda. In the pagoda, this little bear is the only guy who counts: the jealous cockroaches decide to get rid of him, but Marky falls completely under the baby's charm and he doesn't agree with Joey or Dee Dee....
Fragile Goods! Oggy is entrusted with an honorable task - restoring the Emperor's precious Ming vase. But the cockroaches are obsessed with the idea that the vase would be filled with rice. Can Oggy find a way to protect the vase? Oggy (somewhat) and Jack (somewhat)
Baby Sitting for the Emperor The little Emperor of China is a nightmare. His tutor, Bob, is at his wits' end! But the Little Emperor adores Oggy - who is appointed to take care of him. Oggy tries to sneak off, but the cockroaches -overjoyed to be in the Imperial Palace- stop him!
294 The Tiger Hunt TBA
295 Oggy the Fakir TBA
296 Cockroaches Play Cricket TBA
297 Oggy's Dragon TBA
298 Beware the Longship TBA
299 Oggy, The Lord of Lightning TBA
300 Oggy's 1001 Nights TBA
301 A Touch of Genius TBA
302 Moonshot Movie TBA
303 Lead Wings TBA
304 Oggy's Invention TBA
305 306


In the Glare of the Sun TBA
Goldfever TBA
Sacrificial Special TBA






310 Rock Bottom TBA
311 Mission Apolloggy TBA
312 The Race to the North Pole TBA
313 Jackoromeo and Bobette TBA
314 Hundreds and Masks TBA
315 Marky Da Vinci TBA

Winning Statistics

Oggy- 169 (44 in Season One) (37 in Season Two) (17 in Season Three) (60 in Season Four) (11 in Season Five)

Jack- 63 (18 in Season One) (19 in Season Two) (7 in Season Three) (16 in Season Four) (3 in Season Five)

Cockroaches (Only as a whole)- 83 (31 in Season One) (20 in Season Two) (17 in Season Three) (11 in Season Four)  (4 in Season Five)

Joey- 113 (37 in Season One) (30 in Season Two) (21 in Season Three) (20 in Season Four) (4 in Season Five)

Dee Dee- 120 (36 in Season One) (30 in Season Two) (21 in Season Three) (27 in Season Four) (5 in Season Five)

Marky- 112 (35 in Season One) (27 in Season Two) (22 in Season Three) (22 in Season Four) (6 in Season Five)

Bob- 25 (1 in Season One) (6 in Season Two) (2 in Season Three) (14 in Season Four) (2 in Season Five)

Olivia- 36 (31 in Season Four) (5 in Season Five) (1 in Season Six)

Monica- 5 (2 in Season Two) (1 in Season Six) (3 Season Seven)

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