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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 3
Dump The Roaches Title
Air date August 10, 2012
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Charles Vaucelle
Episode Guide
The Lighthouse Keeper
Dee Dee's Diet

Dump the Roaches is the third episode of Season 4.


Oggy has the job is to be a dump truck driver, but the cockroaches again, ruins Oggy's job and cause chaos around some houses in Animville.


Begins with Oggy as he is already awake and now he sees what is today. The calendar says Garbage Day and Oggy is so excited about the day where he wanted Jack to wake up he but he is still asleep covering with a pillow. Oggy grabs Jack going outside and Bob have  was a garbage driver and want to give Oggy a job as a driver but Jack didn't help him first he use the trash put in the dump at second he use the big trash can and the Marky, Dee Dee,Joey were out of the bag and driving themselves.and Oggy wating the garbage truck but it was Joey driving along with Dee Dee and Marky.Oggy stops the truck with a big trash can and hurt his foot and using a scooter with a roadchase then the Cockroaches seen Jack sleeping then they were turn Jack's nose into a animal balloon.At the factory Bob was eating with a bowl he was at the control room Bob sees messing with them and calling to the Cockroaches to stop crazy then the phone from Jack's ear sleeping sound and Bob is going out.Then see the dead end the truck and Oggy were flying landed to the swimming pool two of them.Oggy uses the bird then they were underwater the bird is tired and Oggy chasing them from the leaves and a motorcycle to catch them but the truck is full of water and is empty the water was on Oggy making slower and he's gone then and Oggy closer to them and holding Dee Dee hits Oggy and it was good Oggy was at the bottom and holding a engine on fire and burns Oggy hit the roof while hes on fire but they were escape and hit by a train. Oggy pat Jack and Oggy brakes it Bob was in the road and stops it Jack was awake now.Bob grabs them and clean up the mess. At the end Oggy and Jack were cleaning but the Cockroaches on the trash can and  Oggy put them in the truck.and knocking the truck to move and Oggy was clean now.


Major Characters

  • Oggy
  • Jack (but he didn't do anything)
  • Bob (semi-antagonist)
  • Joey (antagonist until the end)
  • Marky (antagonist until the end)
  • Dee Dee (antagonist until the end)



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