Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 45
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by François Rosso
Episode Guide
Little Tom Oggy
Artsy Oggy

Don't Barge In! is the 45th episode of Season 4 (abbreviated S4) and the 240th episode overall.



Oggy and Olivia are on a boat ride and it seems to be going well. Oggy then sees olivia changing and he admires when he spots the roaches. Oggy throws the roaches overboard and continues on. Olivia is trying to take a nap but the insects won't let her so she goes inside the boat. Oggy then sees bob as the bridge operator but he's confused about bobs signs. Oggy tries to follow along but it only causes pain to the 3 onscreen characters.. Mostly olivia. Soon it gets out of hand and the boat goes on land destroying almost everything when it just barley reaches oggys house. Olivia finally wakes up and she's very confused. Shes even more confused when oggy crushes bob.

Happy Ending/Winning Character(s)

  • Both: Oggy pressed the button where Bob was squished. Oggy was safe
  • Cockroaches: they escaped oggy's flyswatter


  • Bob: got crushed by oggy
  • Olivia: was confused because she was napping


  • The book that Oggy uses to read to know the operating signals could be the same as the episode named "Flower Power"
  • This Is The First time Olivia got jacked up, The Second In "Picnic Panic"
  • Running gag:bob keeps being squished or hit


  • (Cartoon Network Asia only) At the first moment of the video, the audio had an error. In CN Philippines, some of them were repeating at the first moment.

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