Do Not Lean Out of the Window is the 31st episode of Season 2, and was remade as the thirtieth episode for Season 7 under the title Roach Express.


Oggy is on the train. As he is waving farewell to Jack, the roaches take advantage of the situation and take over the conductor's controls. But their antics get out of hand and they lose total control of the train which is going faster and faster...


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Oggy goes to the railway station so that he can catch a train to reach his town. Jack comes with him to drop him. Oggy has a very big luggage which he tries to push it in, ut it squeezes the passenges inside the train, pushes them out resembling an ice cream. As Jack bids goodbye to Oggy, He finds that the cockroaches have beaten up the train driver and took control of the train. Dee Dee expands his stomach in order to raise the throttle. Jack tries to alert oggy seeing the roaches taking control of the train. But fails as oggy thinks he is saying goodbye and pulls the curtain and reads a book.Since the train has now left with roaches in control of it, Jack has no choice but to use the rail push trolley in the nearby track and reach the train to stop the roaches.The roaches raise the throttle even more and the train reaches an abnormal speed, while Oggy is trying to have some coffee, Dee Dee is excited and presses random buttons and controls but ends up turning the brakes, leading to the contraction of the train which crushes Oggy. Due to the force of the braking, Marky and Joey fall on the windshield of the cab, Dee Dee laughs at them which angers Joey and leads to a fight, Joey tries to release the brakes while Dee Dee does nto allow him to, They break the brake lever leading to the normal movement of the train and the train also expands to its original size and Oggy becomes a plate because of the contraction. Oggy is angered and wants to meet the driver, He sees the same old roaches dancing in the cockpit, This is when he realizes that the train was under the control of the till now, Oggy is shocked, Oggy sees a lid on the cieling of the train and opens it to reach the cockroaches, But fails due to the wind speed which pushes him to the edge of the train, Jack manages to reach the train but many surprises are awaiting him, Jack chases the roaches till Oggy's house.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Do not lean out of the window (S02E107) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Do not lean out of the window (S02E107) Full Episode in HD