Dexter is a kitten that Appears in the episode Oggy Has Kittens. He is taught by Oggy how to act like a cat.

Character Data

  • Hair Colors: White
  • Fur Colors: Black
  • Eye Colors: Blue (Light Blue)
  • Nose Colors: Red (Red Pink)


Dexter has a black fur body and white fur on his feet and his head is the same shape as Jack's head, and has an oblong shaped tail.




He is afraid of cockroaches. He has more naturalistic cat behaviors like meowing, moving his tail, and sometimes can eat cockroaches, meaning that he lives in a trash can or a garage.



His own mentor to teach him to act like a cat and also warned him if he did it wrong. Minutes before, the cockroaches were barking at him and he hides in a trash can but Oggy rescued him from the cockroaches and Dexter goes to him, acting as if Oggy is his father.


  • He is the second pupil of Oggy. His first was Marceline.
  • Dexter had a minor appearance in High Rise Nightmare.
  • He is possibly fan-named after Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

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