Dee Dee is one of the villains in the series, along with Joey and Marky.

Character Data

  • Antenna Colors: Black
  • Head Colors: Orange
  • Body Colors: Blue
  • Eye Colors: Green
  • Nose Colors: Black

Official descriptions


A fat greaseball, disgusting and incredibly lazy to boot, Deedee has only one thing on his mind: stuff his face. And whenever food is involved in Joey's plans, Dee Dee is 200 percent behind him. Dee Dee and Oggy share the same gourmet taste. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons for their mutual hostility. Like Marky, he is in complete admiration of Joey and he will follow him to the end of the world.

Cartoon Network

Dee Dee is the Belly. Fat, obese, and monstrously lazy. One thing only matters to this roach: stuffing his face. He's OBSESSED with eating. He and Oggy share the same tastes. In fact, that is one of the reasons they despise each other.

Disney Channel Asia

Dee Dee is an ever-hungry, devour-it-all, purple-bodied, orange-headed roach with green eyes. His appetite sometimes reaches insane regions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals or other things.


For being a tiny bug, Dee Dee has a HUGE appetite. He’s known to eat everything, from giant hyenas to the fish on Oggy’s wallpaper (gross!). Dee Dee does have a refined side though… this little roach loves the opera!


Dee Dee is an ever-hungry, devour-it-all. He is presumably the youngest of the roaches as he acts somewhat childish. His appetite sometimes reaches insane regions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals or other things (such as a hyena in one case and due to the effects of a poisonous mushroom in another case, an insect.He has even tried to eat Elephants,Oggy,Jack and a boar). He is usually the bravest of the group as he is seen even tackling larger animals like a penguin for its egg,an octopus for its arm and an herd of elephant so it can eat one of them even though his efforts are usually wasted as he gets beaten up.


He is a blue-bodied, orange-headed roach with green eyes. He is quite overweight and also is quite strong for a cockroach, being able to lift up the other cockroaches and also heavy things for a cockroach easily.

Family Members


  • Bob (Sometimes)



  • He will eat anything, alive or dead. Even other bugs and also larger things like a shark.
  • He is surprisingly the hardest one to catch knowing how fat he is.
  • He usually follows Oggy and Jack on any trips they go on.
  • He can scare ANY animal, not Oggy, nor Jack.
  • Like Joey and Marky, he is named after members of the Ramones, in this case Dee Dee Ramone, the bassist.
  • Alongside Marky, his eyes are colored yellow in the comic books.
  • Dee Dee has the 2nd highest amount of appearances in the show, behind Oggy (as Joey and Marky did not appear in Safari So Good and Skydiving).


  • Food can be used has an advantage against him.
  • He hates snails.
  • He can get space-sick as seen in Lost in Space.


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