Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 6
Shopping Title
Air date April 18, 2004 (along with Ski Bugs)
Written by Nicolas Gallet
Storyboarded by Patrick Claeys
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Ski Bugs

Crazy Shopping is the 6th episode of Season 2.


Oggy is off to the supermarket to shop. But the roaches have tagged along and they sit in the shopping cart stuffing their faces with chicken at Oggy's expense. As he chases the them through the aisles, Oggy turns the supermarket upside down...


The episode starts: Oggy arrives at a grand SuperMart, he has to do shopping. He approaches the shop with a trolley. He watches things around to buy, while the cockroaches were seen on the trolley. Uh-oh. They jumped off and see grey chicken. Dee Dee and Joey take bites with sharp teeth, Marky bites with normal teeth, but loses some teeth. Same with others. Joey is angered, he threw a chicken away, which dashed a big pile of cans. So, the cockroaches have started their job, now they will wreak havoc, in the shop, and Oggy will get wrecked, it will be fun.





Oggy and the Cockroaches 🛒 CRAZY SHOPPING 💣 (S02E82) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches 🛒 CRAZY SHOPPING 💣 (S02E82) Full Episode

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