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Control Freak is the 58th episode of Season 2.

Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 58
Control Freak Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Olivier Jean-Marie
Episode Guide
Joey and the Magic Bean


Jack and Oggy are fighting over the TV program and so Jack decides to settle the argument with a motorcycle race. Convinced that his big road hog is going to win hands down, Jack, condescending as usual, takes his own sweet time revving up...


Oggy and Jack are watching TV. Oggy want's to watch table tennis and Jack wants to watch motorbike racing. However, Oggy and Jack are fighting to get the remote. Jack throws a coin but Joey took it and started to fight again.  Jack has decided to have a motorbike race. Whoever can reach the finish line 10 times first can choose the program. Oggy's bike was a bicycle, as Jack's was a motorcycle. Meanwhile, some friends of the cockroches are holding money. Joey puts all the money at Jack's side but Dee Dee and Marky put a 1 dollar coin at Oggy's side. Joey fires a gun, then the race begins. Oggy is going very slow .·.Jack laughs at him, then he started relaxing when Oggy got back. Oggy got 1 point but Jack is about to race but he got hurt.  Joey tried to stop Oggy but failed. When Oggy finished nine laps, Joey reminded Jack to start racing, then he did.  Jack is going very fast as Dee Dee and Marky saw Jack's points increasing. Joey is flipping their coin. Oggy also saw Jack going very fast and with them tied at 9, Oggy was close o the finish line. Dee Dee and Marky were cheering despite Jack also being near. Joey cheered as Jack seemingly won, but crashing onto Bob's house. Later, Oggy got to watch TV then watches table tennis, then the episode ends.




Oggy and the Cockroaches - Control Freak (S02E137) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Control Freak (S02E137) Full Episode

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