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Caught in a Trap is the sixty-fifth episode of Season 1.

Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 65
Written by François Reczulski
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
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Oggy wakes up and finds his house completely messed up. The cockroaches have yet again plundered his fridge and caused a mess which makes Oggy's eyes pop out of his head, literally. He is now forced to protect the fridge as best as he can.


One morning, Oggy was shocked about what happened into it's house after he stepped into a sausage. It was a full of mess!! Meanwhile, the cockroaches were watching their record until Oggy saw them slapping Marky. They started to chase over, but the roaches hid to a fish. But the two roaches saw a chicken, and they realized it's Oggy. He slapped them.

On the night, Oggy put a lock on it. The cockroaches tried to open the fridge, but no sucess. It wasn't until Dee Dee had its bad smell on its footwear. He squeezed it, and the fridge unlocked. The cockroaches then make a mess again. It repeated to it all began. So Oggy put a trap on the fridge and tested. Now, the cockroaches tried to make it to the fridge. First, Dee Dee goes down all the way to the fridge, but only the door has gotten. Joey and Marky fell down to the fridge. Dee Dee then goes to Joey, but missed. So Dee Dee swings on the lazers, which set the trap. Oggy then pressed the button, making the fridge disappear. Oggy then goes to the kitchen and turns to the lights, which he saw the steam, making his house explode. At the night the fridge reappear with the cockroaches. But the cockroaches fell onto a mouse trap, making Oggy laugh.

Oggy then took them into the pet house, making the cashier give money. Then, he uses the money to make another new house. Oggy gave the money to the maor, and he went to his house and the episode ends.



  • This episode is very similar to "Mission Oggy and Crackdown on the Fridge" sharing plot points such as:
    • Both episodes begin with Oggy finding out that the Cockroaches have completely trashed his house.
    • Both episodes involve Oggy putting up several high-security traps all over the kitchen in order to protect his fridge.
    • Both episodes have the Cockroaches managing to infiltrate the kitchen by using the air ducts.
    • Both episodes have a Cockroach use a rope to lower themselves onto the kitchen without touching the floor.
    • Both episodes have the traps backfire on Oggy.
    • Both episodes have the Cockroaches falling for a trap that's inside the fridge rather than outside.
    • Both episodes have Oggy winning in the end.


  • As the fridge emerges from the floor after the house blows up, Oggy is seen to be fine. Yet, after the cockroaches' yelps of pain are heard, Oggy is shown to have been blackened by the explosion.
  • While the roaches are caught in a mousetrap, Joey's eyes have switched colours.
  • Dee Dee's Eye 1 Missing 1 Eye No't Missing.
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