Casino is the 8th episode of Season 3.

Episode Information
Season 3, Episode 8
(Only In K2)
Title Casino Remastered
Written by Hugo Gittard
Storyboarded by Fred Mintoff
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Oggy and the Magic Shoes
Santa Oggy


Oggy receives his 1 million € payment. Jack spends it all on a casino joint. And of course, the cockroaches come along for the ride.


Oggy has a letter from Xilam and it was one million €. An attempt to keep his money inside a case. Jack spends the time with his one million €. In the end, the cockroach crew tries to get the casino chips, Oggy tries to slow them down. The point at the end, Jack received the letter, Oggy swallows it makes Jack disappointed, the cockroach Joey and Marky saw that the casino chips are in Dee Dee.



  • On Oggy's pay check, the words "Credit Rikiki" can be seen, apparently a reference to the duck mascot from Kid Paddle.
  • Most of the episode was censored in some countries due to indecent exposure of Jack.
  • This is the first episode to be storyboarded by Fred Mintoff.

Normal Episode Errors

  • In the original version, Jack gives Oggy a yellow casino chip, but it changes to red when Oggy uses it.
  • When the security guard first confronts Oggy in the original version, the cockroaches appear to be laughing but no laughter is heard.
  • Joey's Head Is Miscolored.

Remastered Episode Non-Errors

  • Joey's Head Is No't Miscolored.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Casino (S3E08) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Casino (S3E08) Full Episode

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