Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 56
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Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Olivier Jean-Marie
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The Ghost-Hunter
Happy Campers


Oggy gets his hands on a new, super bouncing-ball. He decides to try it out and it soon bounces all over the house, wrecking everything in its path. And things don't get any better when Joey accidentally swallows it.


First occured on Oggy's home. A bus stopped near Oggy's home which reveals Oggy got home. Upon this, he hurried to his house, just because he had a ball he bought. He reads it, which says "Super Baskett Ball", which he knew it bounces so hard. He inserts his hand inside the box, which he picked up a ball which is small. He drops it on the ground, causing it to bounce everywhere. It broke almost everything, which pushes the moose's head back, breaks up the fishbowl. After breaking, it leaks up, causing the fishes to plug the holes. It toppled the books, almost like a domino and moves up the bowling ball. Oggy wanted to catch the ball, as the bowling ball hits Oggy. It backfires, and is stuck to the pipe. Oggy had the ball in his hands, and he was feeling a little disgusted. Oggy moves very fast, and stops, where he threw the ball. It bounces everywhere, even Bob. Bob is thrown back, as it enters Oggy. Bob spits the ball to Oggy's nose. Oggy shrugs, and is beaten by Bob.

To the fridge, Marky relaxes on a sausage (which is his bed of cushions,pillows and other fluffly and cotton pillows) and takes a piece of a grape. Dee Dee is hanging upside down, wearing his handkercheif and covers his face. Joey has a glass of milk and stops. Oggy throws the ball again, causing it to hit everywhere. After entering the fridge it causes to bounces really fast, everywhere on the fridge, where it almost sounds like machine gun or sub-machine guns or etc,. It stops after hitting Joey. Joey stands up, and Joey accidentally swallows the ball, causing his abdomen to enlarge slightly big for like 4x big as his normal abdomen size. Joey bounces destructively causing further damages.


  • This is one of the very few times that someone says anything; when the ball makes many holes in a rocket, an astronaut says, "Oops, we got a problem!"


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