Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 13
Buddy Parrot Title
Air date 2012/2013
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
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Oggy's Shadow
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Oggy found a parrot on his tree at Oggy backyard and bring it home.


Starts on Oggy's backyard. Oggy combs the grass using the comb which it looks like in column. Oggy is now finished. When a mysterious sound is heard causing the grass to get messy, there was a parrot named "Jake". Oggy looks at him mysteriously, and he moves his head, even Oggy. Jake blinks but Oggy winks. Oggy gets him to feed him with peanuts. When his noises, Jake ask Oggy that the parrot's food is not peanuts, so Oggy bakes the correct food for him which he bakes it in an oven.




  • Docter
  • Patients
  • Mermaid
  • Shark


  • So far, this is the only appearance of Jake.
  • Two characters that resemble Sharko and Marina from "Zig & Sharko" appear in the vet's waiting room.
  • This is the last 2012 episode and the first 2013 episode.



Oggy and the Cockroaches S04E13 Buddy Parrot07:38

Oggy and the Cockroaches S04E13 Buddy Parrot

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