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Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 69
Boxing Title
Air date June 14, 2005
Written by Michel Gaudelette
Storyboarded by François Rosso
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Boxing Fever is the 69th episode of Season 2.


After the cockroaches' new prank results in another confrontation between Oggy and Bob, Oggy challenges Bob to a duel with Bob forcing on Oggy a boxing match. Oggy calls Jack in order to get some help in training for this upcoming match and also learn about boxing - will Oggy get out of this situation, or is it TKO for him?






  • Oggy has exercise before, as seen in "Oggy's Diet". However, in this episode, he cries for not being able to exercise to beat Bob.
  • It seems that Oggy has box filled with weapons, space swords, samurai-alike swords, guns as he is possibly practiced with them. Likely, the only thing he haven't practice is boxing.
  • Irony: When Oggy call Jack, he just pressed one button. In real life, when you tried to call someone, you have to press various numbers, not one.
  • Jack had also stayed in his own house in "A Tooth for a Tooth". In various episode, he stayed with Oggy.
  • This is the only episode the cockroaches made a cameo appearance, as they disappeared after giving Bob Oggy's gloves.
  • After Jim and Richard left, the sound from the radio stopped, but neither Oggy, nor Jack switched off it, as they were not beside it.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Boxing Fever (S02E147) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Boxing Fever (S02E147) Full Episode

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