Bob is a character from this series who is one of the many enemies of Oggy. He also appears to be Oggy's neighbor.


Bob is a dark brown skinned dog with a gray belly, a large chin and a spiked leash (without a handle). He's a very strong, fierce bulldog.


Oggy's huge neighbor dog - though he's not mentioned in the opening credits – is one frequent star in the show. While Bob tries to live his life as quietly and calmly as possible, the next-door racket usually results in destruction of his property, for which he typically responds with pummeling one of the cats. This mostly happens off-screen. He tends to switch locations from Oggy's house, usually on the left side and across the road.

He is also known to like boxing and it is very obvious that Bob is very strong.

In Season 4, he becomes friendlier to Oggy and Jack.

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  • It is very obvious that Bob is VERY STRONG!
  • The only hint the viewer gets when Bob is plummeting one of the cats is is fighting sounds and cat-squealing.
  • Usually in seasons 1 & 2 when Bob is plummeting Oggy or Jack the wall paper turns into a silly background.
  • In the episode "Working Cat", it is revealed his teeth and gum are entirely composed of metal.
  • In the episode "Off Limits", Bob has portraits of Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves and Catherine of Aragon on the walls of his house.
  • He is beaten by a robot in the episode of Copy Cat and in another episode (Penguin Pandemonium) by a penguin.
  • He is also known to have a Volkswagen Beetle which was seen at the episode "Oggy and the Magic Flute" where Oggy tries to make a magic flute out of the car's muffler. Oggy in later seasons is shown to own an exact same car.


  • He is shown to be afraid of the undead or skeletons shown in Jack-in-a-Box when Oggy makes the skeleton of Jack alive.
  • It's possible he can be attacked off guard shown in a scene in the second part of the movie "The Incredible Oggy Watson" the reason possible is said is because this is actually Bob ancestor.


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