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Blue Sunday is the sixty-sixth episode of Season 1.

Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 66
Sunday Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
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Caught in a Trap
Cloning Around


Jack takes Oggy on a Sunday trip with the beach as the destination. The cockroaches decide to tag along. But trouble is always around the corner when the cockroaches are placed in a small space (Jack's car in this case) together with the two cats.


The episode starts with Oggy chasing the roaches which are covered in the chicken. Then, Jack arrives, but his jeep squishes the cockroaches, making Oggy sasified. Jack said to Oggy that they are going to the beach, so Oggy brings his big floater. However, the cockroaches also came to them, and they went away.

The next part shows the long traffic going to the beach, which make Oggy read and Jack waits. However, the cockroaches are also bored, which makes Joey to honk the beeper. However, Jack was annoyed, so he slammed into Joey, but he missed it and slammed his tummy instead. Then, Joey goes to the forward step, then Jack stepped on it, but pushes through Don's car, which made those two float. Don was very upset, so he brings his pet dog. At first Oggy likes him, but the dog hurts them.

Next part is that they were going to the beach straight ahead, but Jack was confused, so he took the map, making him can't see where he is going. Oggy then knows they were driving to the left, so he took the steering wheel, but then the cockroaches took the steering wheel, until they were driving at the opposite lane. Then they let Oggy drive. Marky then passes the red blanket, like the bull goes. Joey shooted a plunger to the three trucks. Then he tied it to Jack's car. Jack then goes to the left side. However, they did not know the trucks beside them. They were going to Bob's house. Jack's car stopped, but the trucks passed through Bob's house. The cockroaches laughed, but he squished them. Next is Oggy and Jack. Jack smiles, but Bob hurted him.

Jack then asks Oggy to pull Jack's car, but then the cockroaches saw a bus on a bus stop. However, Oggy saw it, which causes him to go with the roaches. Jack then commands Oggy to pull his car, but he did not respond until Jack realizes he's not there. On the bus, there was Oggy and the roaches riding the bus going to the beach. The episode ends.





  • For some reason, only Jack was beaten up by Bob after trashing his house.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Blue Sunday (S1E66) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Blue Sunday (S1E66) Full Episode in HD


  • Jack's Eyes Is Yellow.
  • Jack's Left Eye Is Hurt.
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