Animville is a city located in France. It is the main setting of the series.


Animville has a number of notable locations and companies, such as Bank & Bank, a banking company seen in Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses and My Beautiful Prison, a hospital that is seen in Heatwave and Face Off and a police station and jail that are seen in The Fugitive and A Night at the Opera.

In From Mumbai with Love, when the shot with the map, plane and path to Mumbai is shown, the start of the path is actually a dot that is located in Paris, France, which would mean that Animville might be located in France.

In Bicycle Crazy!, while Jack is holding a map of France, the camera zooms into Paris, showing another proof of Animville being located in France.


Chaville is a commune nearby where the main characters live. It consists of row after of row of mostly identical houses.




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