Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 8
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Written by Jean-Louis Capron
Storyboarded by Ludovic Hell
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All Out of Shape is the eighth episode of Season 2.


While Oggy is playing and using his limitless imagination with clay, the cockroaches use a clay Oggy as a voodoo doll to literally shape Oggy's life into a wreck in all the ways possible.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Ways the Clay Oggy's were reshaped:
    • First Clay Oggy:
      • Inadvertently bumping to its tail (Joey)
      • Slapping it (Joey)
      • Biting its tail (Dee Dee)
      • Pinching its butt (Marky)
      • Offscreen actions:
        • Poking it with a fork (Dee Dee)
        • Pricking it with a cactus (Marky)
        • Twisting it with a corkscrew (Joey)
        • Reforming it with a Swiss army knife (Dee Dee)
      • Putting dynamite on its back (Joey)
      • Switching its eyes (Joey)
      • Tying its legs (Dee Dee and Joey)
      • Playing it as a ball (All roaches, visibly Joey)
      • Toasting it like an actual toast (Joey and Marky)
      • Freezing it in a freezer, and shattering it by dropping it (Joey)
      • Stretching its lips (Joey)
      • Wrapping its tongue around the neck (Joey)
      • Elongating its neck, along with its limbs (Joey)
    • Second Clay Oggy:
      • Wrapping both its arms around the neck (Joey and Marky)
      • Flattening it with a steamroller (Marky)
      • Accidentally stepping on it (Jack)

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  • Oggy's Eyes Is Yellow With Green No't White With Green.
  • Oggy's Flyswatter Slaps Cockroaches But Marky's Head Is Miscolored.
  • Bathroom Door Is Purple/Violet No't Light Pink.


Oggy and the Cockroaches - ALL OUT OF SHAPE (S02E86) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - ALL OUT OF SHAPE (S02E86) Full Episode in HD

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