Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 78
Night opera tc
Air date September 24, 2000
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
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A Night at the Opera is the 78th and the last episode from the first season.


Jack is now a tenor and making his performance at the opera. Dee Dee wishes to join in and tries to team up with him. Jack, however, tosses Dee Dee in a trashcan as his way of saying "no". But it will take more than that to break Dee Dee's dream, as he is trying to ruin the performance and take it all for himself.






  • This is the last season 1 episode to be made in 2000.
  • This is also the last episode to be made by Gamount Mulitmedia before switiching into Xilam.
  • The opera that's being performed is Carmen.
  • Dee Dee sometimes imitates the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Instead of the usual theme, the Toreador Song plays over the credit.
  • This episode's runtime is 10 seconds longer than the usual standard episode (being 6:50 long rather than 6:40).


  • Oggy's Eyes Is Yellow With Green No't White With Green
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